Huggy Wuggy Scary Face ?

FYI 🚨 🚨 🚨This is Huggy Wuggy! You may not know who he is but chances are your children/grandchildren do. I have had to ban ….

Hepatitis Liver Inflammation

#Hepatitis Hepatitis is a general term used to describe inflammation of the liver. Liver inflammation can be caused by several viruses (viral hepatitis), chemicals, drugs, ….

Magnesium Cure Liver Disease ?

MAGNESIUM CUTS YOUR RISK OF DYING FROM LIVER DISEASE Magnesium deficiency is common in most parts of the world. People with liver disease are more ….


What is this “Great Reset” we’re now hearing about? In a nutshell, the Great Reset refers to a global agenda to monitor and control the ….

Social Rules

SOME SOCIAL RULES THAT MAY HELP YOU: 1. Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. If they don’t pick up your call, presume they have ….

Carbohydrates In Nature

Some vegans may tell me that some non-vegans are uncorrectable but perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them. With the never-ending diet debates ….

Perjanjian Global Pandemic Treaty

BAHAYA PERJANJIAN GLOBAL PENDAMIC TREATY. Semalam telah mendengar satu ceramah audio yang dihantar sahabat oleh saudara Tuan Zul yang dianjur pihak PPIM akan bahaya sebuah ….

Ruble Tie To Gold

It’s official! Russian Central Bank announces that the ruble is tied to gold! 5000 rubles per gram. The Central Bank of Russia has officially announced ….


🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺EU wants to extend “Digital COVID Passport”: Submit comments NOW until 8.4.2022 and fight back! The EU wants to extend the “Digital ….

Isu Viral Profesor Roshana Takim

Dengaqnya Kerja Tanpa Gaji. 1. Netizen kalau buat kerja memang laju. Satu Malaysia bash Prof ni bila viral video dia marah seorang pelajarnya. Simpati bertali ….