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Month: April 2021


Zidane Magic Football

▶ Magic Johnson: ′′ Zidane, it’s me and Michael Jordan reunited ′′ ▶ Boris Becker: ′′ For me, Zidane is the third greatest champion in ….


Jakarta Bandung High Speed Railway

🇮🇩 Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway will use the latest generation CR400AF, with standard maximum speed of 400 km/h (The Fastest Train in Southeast Asia). An 8-car ….


John Mikel Obi EPL African Family

John mikel obi : “playing football is special, you end up being friends with guys from Ghana, South Africa, Cote d’ivoier. Whichever Footballer that comes ….


Myths Regarding Detoxification

MYTHS REGARDING DETOXIFICATION! Many vegetarians and vegans incorrectly believe that restriction of animal protein is somehow detoxifying. Animal protein is rich in sulfur-containing amino acids ….


Scam Camera ATM

Copy n paste Passing by a building today, there is an ATM at the door. There was an old man who kept looking at me, ….


Football Double Standards

Toni kroos : “Football is full of double standards, We are 11 or 22 inside the field, but it’s only the Fowards who gets more ….


Mental Health Youth Malaysia

Dear Parents, In Malaysia,mental health conditions are expected to be the biggest health problem effecting our youths. A national survey by Ministry of Health found ….


Customize Fat Loss Review

Customized Fat Loss Review Website- Customized Fat Loss is Kyle Leon’s web based application comprising a mixture of diet plan and exercise workouts for ….


3 Tips Weight Loss

Top 3 health: best weight loss tipsIf you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve got to be mindful of whose advice you take. Prevention magazine, ….