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Month: June 2021


New Leader Ambassador Rank SV6

[ Breaking news! Another amazing fighter from the new explosive group of leaders in SV6 ] Well done new RCA Suzlinda Sulaiman & new ambassador ….


Law Seminar Raja Daryl Loh

Law Seminar Raja Daryl Loh 24th June 2021 I just attended the webinar on Covid-19 and perspectives of consent by Raja, Daryl and Loh. There ….


Problem With Keto Diet

By now, you’ve likely already heard that the Keto diet can work wonders for your overall health. That’s true, but it comes with one big ….


Shane Choo Investment Webinar

Get complimentary investment webinar invites by following me on FB. 🔥🔥 Hi, my name is Shane Choo. I have been investing in the stock market ….


Char Koey Tiao Paradoxical

Char Koey Tiao ‘Basah’ is paradoxical. In hokkien, ‘Char’炒 as prefix has the connotation of ‘dry fry’. So char Koey tiaw means, dry-fry koey tiew. ….


Pregnant Women Got Vaccine ?

Not enough pregnant people are vaccinated. Not even close. The CDC published a study last week breaking down the numbers. Scientists used data from the ….


4 Major Risk of MRNA Vaccine

Prominent German virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is warning German citizens about the detrimental effects of the gene-altering Chinese Coronavirus vaccine. During a recent appearance on the ….