Month: November 2021

Magnesium Protect DNA From EMF ?

Magnesium Protect DNA From EMF ? Can Magnesium protect DNA against EMF’s? I’m writing about this because of the interest it garnered during the Telegram ….

Death Covid Vaccine

Death Covid Vaccine. DEATH DUE TO COVID VACCINE SHORT TERM (1-30 days): 1. Red blood cell clotting. 2. Clumping of thrombosis (due to platelets/blood pieces ….

Crimes Against Humanity

CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY .Dr. Fauci says children from 6 months to 5 years old may be able to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by the spring ….

How To Live Longer ?

How to live longer: Three daily habits to start today to reduce age-related diseases. HOW TO live longer is a question which fascinates leading scientists ….

Normal Sudden Death Pandemic

Normal Sudden Death Pandemic. This is “normal” Death and sudden ailments in healthy athletes is the new pandemic: 33 year old pro dancer Santo Giuliano ….

Pfizer Power Over Government

Pfizer Power Over Government ? Below are the 6 key points on the Pfizer contracts that were revealed. 1 Pfizer Reserves the Right to Silence ….

Pfizer Booster For Seniors ?

Pfizer Booster For Seniors ? *Why not three doses of Sinovac for Seniors*? By Dr *Gan Siowck Lee* News that the Ministry of Health will ….

Response On KKM Ivermectin Studies

Response On KKM Ivermectin Studies. RESPONSE BY DR AMIR FARID ISAHAK ON THE KKM I-TECH STUDY RESULTS I-TECH only studied on hospitalized patients. Patients do ….

Hydra Vulgaris Vaccine

Hydra Vulgaris Vaccine. It’s all been written right before your eyes. The Hydra Vulgaris stays in a continuous state of renewal & hold within their ….