Month: December 2021

Vaccine Killing Viral Protein

Vaccine Killing Viral Protein. Facts had been presented by the famous pathologist Prof Dr. Arne Burkhardt. All gene-based vaccines produce the same result on vaccinees. ….

Vitamin E Benefits

Vitamin E Benefits ? What to know about vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant in many foods. It supports the immune system, helps ….

Lady Suffers From Sinovac

Lady Suffers From Sinovac. A lady from Alor Setar currently residing in KL called me last Friday. We never met and she got my contact ….

Malaysia Big Lost

Malaysia Big Lost. MALAYSIA LOST, FALLEN BY ITSELF -This week, GRAB Holding, a Malaysian subsidiary has been listed on Nasdaq with a value of US ….

Business Coach Scam People ?

Business Coach Scam People ? The revered scammer of the new millennium who will be glorified, admired and not outwardly wronged by the authorities Sifu/Business ….

Vitamins For Stroke Recovery

Top 7 Vitamins for Stroke Recovery Based on the Latest Clinical Evidence. Vitamins for stroke recovery can help boost brain health, but beware that no ….

LHDN Problems

LHDN Problems 1. Nothing to lose ~ bankruptcy2. Migrate to a foreign country.3. Work for a mediocre salary (below the mean of the tax deed ….