Month: July 2022

Mirai Nikki Parents Guide

Mirai Nikki Parents Guide. Anime Review: Mirai Nikki. Studio: Asread. Genre: Psychological thriller, Action, Romance Actions… Actions committed by us in every moment consume that ….

Hydra Vaccine

Hydra Vaccine. New Zealand scientists found that there are undeclared nanotechnology in Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines that assemble into microchip circuit boards – which ….

Istighfar Kabir

Istighfar Kabir. ISTIGHFAR KABIR (ISTIGHFAR BESAR/AGUNG) Kalau selama ini kita mengenal sayidul istighfar (raja istighfar), kali ini ada namanya istighfar kabir (istighfar besar/agung) yang kebanyakan ….

Low carb and not losing weight ?

Low carb and not losing weight ? Calories and Weight Loss Why Your Deficit Isn’t Working 1. Adaptation. I’m not going to hammer this one ….

Thermomix Installment

Thermomix Installment. Customers nak thermomix Sebelum Ramadan… Biasanya seminggu lah ambil masa Bila order… Tapi… Yg ni 2 hari je dah sampai tau Team kami ….

Soft Sell Examples

Soft Sell Examples . DOES SHAKLEE HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE? Among the questions that are always asked ..Hmmmmm .. Can you tell Aimun 1 business ….

Scammer Islamik

SCAMMER ISLAMIK 1. Syarikat Travel Umrah Tulis dalam iklan, hotel kat Tanah Haram 50 meter dari masjid. Turun je lif, jalan sikit dah sampai lantai ….

Alice In Borderland Parent Guide

Alice In Borderland Parent Guide. Finally completed Alice In Borderland. Many years back I attempted to read the manga but I did not like the ….

Tips Bila Membeli Durian

Tips Bila Membeli Durian. Beberapa hari lepas sy & kakak beli durian IOI. Cara sy pilih durian, sy ikut tips dr perkongsian di bawah ini. ….

Healthy Diet For Teens

Healthy Diet for Teens. Aside from being more active, watching what you eat is another component of losing weight. You may find it useful to ….

Oxidation Free Radicals

Oxidation Free Radicals. Ever sliced open an apple and watched as the inside turned BROWN? This process is called OXIDATION, or the effect of living ….