Peluang Untuk Penganggur

3 Deposit Funds

We will be DIVINE and RIGHT with the preparation of these 3 Deposits.

1. Financial Deposit Fund

Every month,
There is a portion of our money set aside as savings,
With many uses,
To save for anxiety or to achieve your dreams.

According to Elizabeth Warren in her book,
All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan,
There is a principle of 50-30-20 income utilization.

50% of our income for living expenses,
30% of what we want,
20% on savings.

Savings can be for ourselves,
Examples of saving to go to Japan,
Or storage for the afterlife,
Like saving for a yearly victim mission or infaq wells at the Refugee Camp and so on.

2. Emotional Deposit Fund

This savings is for us to serve as caliphs,
Playing the main role we are sent to the world,
By doing good to fellow humans,
To benefit humanity,
Make an impact on human life.

Ask yourself,
How many people do we want to be happy today?

How many people do we want to help today?

Aid is not just a dollar,
It covers the knowledge we have,
We share it,
Write useful things on Facebook,
Always inspire people,
It can also be helpful in terms of energy and time.

This savings is very helpful in times of ’emergency’,
When we fell down,
Sad, disappointed, frustrated with life’s exams,
People who have benefited us before,
With his love for us,
Will come soon,
Out of nowhere,
Help us.

Because of the laws of nature,
What we give to the world,
We will be able to come back.
We love the world,
The world will come to us with love.

We hate revenge on the world,
What comes back to us is also an element of hatred and revenge.

3. Spiritual Deposit Savings

This is the main thing.
How we ‘invest’ our time,
Our life with him.

How much time do we have,
To fill this tube daily.

When He remembers,
Bow and bow to Him.

There is no time we invest in isolation from the world,
To be alone with Him,
At night,
Looking for forgiveness,
And His love.

The more we invest our time with Him,
The more ‘benefits’ we get.

He is the one who will strengthen us when we are weak,
He is the one who will lift us up when we fall down,
He’ll fill us up when we’re hungry,
He’s the one who will calm us down when we get fat,
He is the one who will give us every way out when we are confused
He gives everything.

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