Peluang Untuk Penganggur

3 Major Mistakes In Business

3 EASY PEOPLE IN BUSINESS – Divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1 – NOT Started

Not started. It’s a good time to start.

Business books have been read a lot, business teachers have followed. The first step is not yet started.

Just get started. Start as early as possible.

We will learn a lot once we get started.

As long as it doesn’t start, as long as it’s a gray road.

Start a little, the path will be a little clear. That’s the way it is.

Start with a small capital. Learn to make a little money first. Don’t start with the big money, the loan, the tens or hundreds of thousands. When it breaks, it hurts here.

Phase 2 – STARTING

When it starts, you want to get rich quick.

Most businesses take the time to make a lot of money.

Make a little money first, a lot of money will come.

Be patient.

Keep striving every day and believe that one day our business will reach a boom point.

Remove that ‘heart tissue’.

See the small success of other entrepreneurs. Hang out with them. Expand our circle of contacts. A little bit of it can push us to stay consistent.


Once the business has made money, it’s been too long in the comfort zone.

Making money is fun. Get pocket money every month. This is a tidy phase with lots of money.

Don’t be in the money-making phase. The business of making money doesn’t have to last long.

Business is divided into many components. Money is not the only component of money (sales) to be strengthened.

There are other components such as:

+ Marketing
+ After-sale customer service.
+ Admin
+ Finance
+ Human resource management.
+ Operation

Learn to systematize our business.

Start learning the skills of building a company and business that can survive, stand strong and grow over the long term.

+ Invest in business profits to expand the product market.
+ Learn how to do business with a partner.
+ Learn organizational development science.
+ Build team members – IMPORTANT!
+ Appoint the right person to manage the company’s finances.
+ Improve system and SOP.
+ Pay taxes, pay zakat. Then invest some of the profits to buy the assets.

The brain makes money only for the next 30 days and 6 months.

The business brain is thinking 10 years ahead.

Start the move from SOLO-preneur (Self-Employed) to BUSINESS OWNER. Arrange the bricks of our business so that one day it stands firm on a strong, not fragile foundation.

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