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3 Tips For Business Presentation

Just want to share pitching (business presentation) tips. Especially when we want to invite business to prospects who have never eaten  again.

(1) ready
Don’t wait, there is a biz prospect for a biz presentation, just want to buy or buy #iReachPitch. Buy & Buy ready2. And read #iReachScript is ready2, especially about “what to answer”. So that we are better prepared for what to answer when the prospect asks. Also ready to bring all our business tools so that it is easy to answer when the prospect is ready to start. and lock their calendar on the next business event date

(2) practice
practice from now. practice say alone, then with a partner or close friends. With practice, we are more confident when it comes time to present later. Beauty of this business, we will be a better person every time we complete an assignment. In this case, u will feel, more confident. Until the impatient prospect “ok, what do I have to do now?”.

(3) bring stock
Like in this picture, we bring 2x ResV ready (so from the beginning I plan to persuade him to start with 200uv TwinPack ResV) and bring a bottle of Vivix as a back up (so there are men who are lazy or do not like to swallow vitamins). What stock do you want to bring depends on the prospects you want to meet. If you know she is pregnant, bring a pre-natal set for example. Once we have brought the product, the prospect can hold, open the bottles to see the writing on the label (moreover, now there is a halal label on  bottles). When you hold it, it is usually 70-90% close. End up, register member with ResV twin pack.

Ready to buy all  home care so I want to share it with the people in her house. When the prospect has received the goods (no need to order new online post / cod later etc) the sooner he feels the effect, the sooner he can open his mouth about  to the prospect & the faster the UV he rises. That is why it is important to have ready stock, especially for those who want to do business.

Have question?

Ignore that face.
Right now, many are looking for opportunities. Our job is just to share what this gift will share.

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