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4 Stages Of Pull Up

HI GUYS! This post is about HOW TO PULL UP correctly. The best way to gain the strength effectively.

Pull up is one of the fundamentals exercise that everyone should master it. This simple video will show step by step on how to do it.

STAGE 1: for the beginner hang with full grip with your thumb under the bar. This will improve your grip and finger strength.

STAGE 2: hang all the way down with straight body. CHECKLIST:- Deactivate your scapula, look forward, core engaged, pelvic tilt, straight legs side by side only. DON’T‼️cross your legs.

STAGE 3: scapula pull up. Bring your chest up to understand the movement. Keep your arms straight.

STAGE 4: start to do full pull up. Pull up only counted as 1 rep once your chin is over the bar. It means you do it in full range of motion (ROM). It’s very important to do in ROM to gain your total and pure strength. No back arching while pulling up. Your legs will be slightly in front of your body while pulling up. It means you keep engaging your core tightly. WELL DONE‼️

TEMPO: slow tempo will gain your strength and fast tempo will gain your strength + endurance and will get you lean muscle.

Hopefully your pull up will improve and always keep the quality of your workout on the top level to get maximum progression. Thanks for watching and reading‼️

credit : hakim azhar

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