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5 Advantanges Of Customer Database

Settle update DATABASE customers & prospects biz . It is important to know this database if you want to do business.

Today I want to share 5 advantages of having my own database.

1- The customer database is our absolute right 100%. If Like and Follower on facebook is not considered ours because it is controlled by facebook. If we post status on the facebook page only a few people can see our status. If we have our own database, we can contact them directly without being controlled by others.

2- Can communicate in person. It is important that those in our database first know who we are. If they already know us, they will believe more and read all the info we share with them personally via email, message or whatsapp we send.

3- Can reduce expensive marketing costs. If you use fb ads to find new prospects every day it is expensive. If we already have our own database, we can just promote the product to our database. We do not have to spend an expensive budget to find new customers.

4- purchasing power is higher if they know us. That is why we need to build good relationships with our database so that they know us. Once they know us, they will be more confident and trustworthy to buy from us. It is a reality that people will prefer to buy products from people they know rather than buy from strangers.

5- Backup plan in case of any problems. Say your facebook account has to be banned or closed suddenly. Of course your business will collapse. But no need to worry if we have a database of customers that we keep. Our business is still alive despite the problems of creating fb ads.

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