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5 Explaination On Workouts

1. Workout suddenly becomes easy.

The longer you do a certain workout routine, the easier it becomes as your body is a very powerful adaptation machine. So if say you are shooting for 8 to 12 reps per set, but suddenly you can do 15 reps on the second, third and even fourth set, it means your muscles have adapted too much and it’s time to do something about it.

2. You are bored doing the same thing.

This might happen, I ain’t gonna lie. A big part of exercise adherence is maintaining that enjoyment and feel that pump of blood into your muscle when working out. If you are not enjoying, you will get bored and be lack of motivation, eventually it will lead you to calling a quit.

3. You are not feeling hungry.

After a good workout, your body is repairing the muscle fiber that gets broken down during the workout. It needs protein and nutrients to generate new muscle protein strands. That’s the reason why we feel hungry when we have a good workout. This might not be the case if you have your pre-workout or intra-workout meal, otherwise your workout is too easy that your body doesn’t crave for any nutrients and you need to switch things up.

4. You are not sore.

Yes yes, I didn’t forget that you shouldn’t base on your soreness to gauge your muscle growth. But every time you hit the weights you should feel at least a small level of soreness. You see, even the fittest people in the world will be a bit sore after a great workout. It can be used as a good indicator that tells when you should switch things up, but the lack of soreness doesn’t necessarily mean no muscle growth, keep in mind of that.

5. Seeing no change after 1-2 months.

Mirror never lies. You should be seeing some physical effects of a workout routine after hitting it consistently for 1-2 months, at least a little bit indicates a success. If you are not, well, I have no idea why you are still thinking it will work for you if you continue doing it for, say, six months.

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