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5000 Facebook Friends

5000 Facebook Friends

5000 Facebook Friends POTENTIAL MARKET. Are uolls aware …5000 friends tu is a TARGET MARKET for uolls introduce uolls product or business?. That’s why you have to choose a friend and fill it. Let alone 5000 friends.

These are MONEY uolls.

They look and see what uolls do. They want to believe before buying. They want to be made aware. They want to know what the best laughs are. The most important…5000 friends want to know …
Can uolls help SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS? How many understand? This is the art of zero cost marketing

Why You Need Blog And Facebook Page ?

It is worth noting that when Ainul Fadzilah Mustafa’s wife was crazy about writing articles, she did kill, sleep was damaged, the effects of nicotine, breast cancer. His title is really terrible. Hoo, so have your efforts to make an entry, read here and there, go and best of all, every time we read we have a discussion together, and a new knowledge can be obtained, and continue to write in a virtual diary.

But I have another story, this story has been shared thousands of times here, yes, try this page there is engagement, there are new likes, and most importantly always update cheerful sokmo. Hoo, I did it before, but I don’t know how to be lazy. Hoo, if you always update the page, it just feels like, use these two elements BLOG and PAGE, it’s cool, well worth it. Although now the wife is pregnant with the third pregnant woman, but the results she wrote before this keep on going viral, the prospect keep on asking questions.

Want to talk about this page alone, do it too, because this thing is DUPLICATABLE. This marketing system was used by Soffiah Shariff who made her pap smear article, she always shared it on the page, it did. Recently, IsMa Lyeza created an article on recycled cooking oil, which went viral. indeed .

Before we want to be a sale, we spread good knowledge, there is a blog, there is a page, it can go viral, do charity work, from busy viral things that are useless. The viral mission of goodness continues. Anyone want to join once? Contact abg joe ok?

Facebook Stagnation Dead Of Facebook Marketing ?

Its will be a Facebook Stagnation period ? Facebook’s User Base Will Stagnate or Fall, 2018 was a year Mark Zuckerberg would prefer to forget. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal may have been a slow burner, but it came to a head last year. The ramifications for both Facebook stagnation and Instagram are still being felt as 2019 dawns.

Perhaps the most disturbing concern for Mr. Zuckerberg, however, is that for the first time, Facebook numbers are falling. In the last year, Facebook users fell from 67 percent of Americans ages 12 and older to 62 percent. This drop has been consistent across age groups and genders. This is likely to continue in 2019. The fallout from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal has been immense. Many people just don’t trust Facebook anymore.

Facebook has another problem. It is no longer fresh or fashionable with the younger generations. In many ways, this makes Facebook a victim of its own success. With higher numbers of older people signing up to Facebook, it became less youth-oriented. Teenagers don’t want to “hang out” in the same place as their parents.

The third reason for Facebook’s declining popularity is more a fault of its users than of Facebook itself. People can be incredibly negative when posting on Facebook. It is much easier to vent on Facebook than it is to complain to somebody’s face. The problem is that many people use social media to zone out from their daily concerns. They tire of reading negative comments in their streams, and some even choose to deactivate their accounts as a result.

If you think about facebook stagnation 2019, its still beyond the famed success of Facebook Advertising for online businesses, Facebook is continually expanding its offering.In total, you have:

  • Facebook Shop: Where your Facebook fans can shop on your fan page and from which your dynamic product ads pull, as well as your Instagram Shopping catalog.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Where you can engage in Etsy-like peer-to-peer selling without the fees. In addition, Facebook’s recent Marketplace update bring in Instagram-like recommendation features to expand your store’s reach.
  • Facebook Dynamic Retargeting Ads: Where you can retarget users who landed on your site with similar products to what they viewed, and in which Facebook uses an algorithm to pull the products from your feed that have the highest engagement (must be using Facebook Shop for this to work).
  • Shopping on Instagram: Where followers can shop tagged items in your Instagram post (must be using Facebook Shop for this to work)
  • Shopping on Stories: Where followers can shop tagged items in your Instagram stories (same thing, must be using Facebook Shop for this to work).

Cheap Phone Generate Facebook Likers

I remember the only time I bought this mobile phone was when I was a big bad wolf in 2014, at the end of the year. He has an offer rm 150, hahaha, then you can buy it, get a good number

But usually because there was a time when the galaxy mega used to be a problem, last time I used this mobile phone. The answer is clear. But that time was also the time to play fb page until likers went up. Finally try to find a way too, how to revive the facebook page that has been dead for a long time. Finally, by seeing the pattern, you always have to update, use the update technique as well.

Update time, while resting, flying too, use your 1 gig ram phone, you have a good update, you can see the best poster, best entry, update service on the page, make have make, from 59k up to 89k, before this phone was a ghost, a white screen came out, a screen cracked a thousand times. But you guys have an update, finally use a laptop to do the same thing.

ok with a capital of rm 150, can generate 30k likers, handphone service can also be #chromaticfamily generate traffic and make sales you have.

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