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6 Lessons From Tony Robbins


1. There is a clear and inspiring taget

He said “People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them”

Like it or not, we all have our own goals. Every day we wake up there are targets, there are goals, there are goals.

The difference is that this target does not inspire us.

For example, open your eyes to feel “Best if you can sleep for another 3 days” there is a target but not so inspiring right?

2. Believe in what we believe

Belief has the power to build and the power to destroy. Like in a relationship, if we have lost faith, our relationship will not be the same as before, even if nothing happens outwardly.

So if we do anything without believing we can do it, the results may not be much.

3. Learn from the best

“Don’t reinvent the wheel. Success leaves clues. Do what successful people do until you get the same results”

people managed to like it if we want to learn and take inspiration from them. Build a network and learn from successful people.

4. Take massive, massive action

Many people know what to do, but not all do what they know. Just know you can’t, must take action.

For example, many people know that smoking is harmful to health, but if you do not take action to stop smoking, cigarettes can not suddenly be good for health.

5. The spirit burns when doing work

Don’t be a robot. We have emotions, we have to activate our emotions when doing something, be passionate! Fly the flag! Turn on the fiery feeling!

“Lack of emotion causes lack of progress and lack of motivation.” – Tony Robbins

6. Nothing fails, just feedback

“There is no such thing as failure. There are only results. You always succeed in producing a result.”

We do not fail, we only get feedback to do better.

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