Peluang Untuk Penganggur

6 Tips To Start Business


It is our initial intention to make money. But that is the second. The first intention is business because of Allah. Because we want to help people. Because we want to benefit.
So if there is no sale, it is not us DOWN. Our mindset just wants to fight to benefit others.


Before you can sell something, there must be interest. Not forced. Not following people. Not just viral.
If you are interested in makeup, sell makeup. Interested in cooking. Sell food. Simple.


There must be a mobile phone with enough memory as well as data or fast wifi.
After that you MUST have Personal Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Start with these 3 main mediums first.


First study the product you want to sell. In terms of demand and the product is evergreen or not. It’s easy to say it’s not a seasonal product or just viral.
Find a HQ that already has a long-term direction. Prefer to learn from below. Join a team of leaders who have knowledge and experience.
But do not demand a leader who is a shark in the hope that your sale will jump. Knowledge has no action anywhere.


Study your future prospects. What kind of woman. How old are you? What is your job? What kind of lifestyle.
If you are surrounded by marhaen group. Find a market that suits that group first. For example, products below the price of RM50.
Once you have the knowledge and know the depths of the right prospects, try a high end product.


Start with low capital either dropship or mini agent.
Ok capital between RM100 to RM400.
The capital to become a member is only RM35.
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