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Academic Writing vs Blogging – My Point of View From Both World

Hi we meet again, this time me Faiz want to share my opinions on topic of writing. Its there any connections between academic writings and blogging ? Oh its just we write what we want in academic writing vs blogging. What do you think ?  Do you think that proper knowledge in writing scientific journals help us to do great blog ? Either case can blogging helps students to improve academic writings ?  Lets discuss about academic writing vs blogging !!!

Academic Writing vs Blogging : Life As Researcher

Going back to 2007, it was final semester for me, as a degree students.  All the students have to write thesis in English. Everybody don’t sleep at night, after the very final final exam (lucky no repeat subjects), everybody so happy, yeah, finish study and lets go to work. Now its time for us to finish up our thesis. It was so difficult at that time, I remember that Microsoft Words was the only tools to check our grammars and using thesaurus tools to make wonderful sentences. My supervisor also checked all the grammar, so that everybody can understand what I wrote at that time. My degree thesis was entitled ” DNA Sequence Design Using Brute Force Approach” . Later on, I got offer from my ex supervisor, to continue for master studies, but it was more difficult, and later on, continue to get phd, then, continue as work-at-home-dad. There so many points to talk about academic writings, but I just want to share this three important points .

1. Formal Language

Very clear, you want to write to academic worlds, scientific world, so you have to write very very formal. During my master studies, I have to read so many papers. It just not to look for solution, but also to improve my English writing. It was easy to think and describing things in Bahasa, but all the teams have also to think and learn to present in English. Some of my colleague, have to write first in Bahasa and then translated it back to English. My supervisor told us that, write in English, learns many terms, understand every subjects, and read many journals. At one point, the easiest things to do is to find a very good sentences, and then COPY AND PASTE that words. Work DONE !!!

2. References and Citations

Very very important, you have to write references, for each points that you write, especially when you review the problem of your works. I remember back that, in one sentence, there are so many references to write. The good points is, you have to refer to a very good journals, and then conferences paper, and then books chapter. As citing journals in your references is the best practice in academic writings.

Mean while citations is important for some researchers , when comes to promotion. If your journals, publications, have more citations, your index of researcher will be higher. Citations is one of the criteria that counts for university rankings. More citations, more points. No citations, I can say that you just do your own fantasy, in Bahasa we call is “SYOK SENDIRI ”

3.  Approval

When we talk about approval, there we so many bad bad experiences, yes, everybody works in writing journals, rejections was regular things. To get better approval, you have to work in team. First things to do is to check whether your results, objectives, methodology are strong enough to the society. You don’t have to worry, as in your team, there are members that their English very good like native people talk English. To publish in journals, sometimes you have to correct your paper so many times. At one time, its take even 1 year to get approval from the publication. But I can say, if you can publish in more high impact publications, like Nature, now your university can become very popular, and chances to get citation from others is very high. Some of the publication are free, some of them you have to pay. Many peoples said that the paid version publishers are easier to accept papers rather than the free one.

Academic Writing vs Blogging : Blogging For Fun

When I was master students in UTM Skudai, music its a part of my life. From degree, I play musics, and then at that time Myspace was so popular, each of the member of my band, have Myspace accounts. Blog was also very popular, reading my friends blog, we build connections. Finally I decided to write my very first blog post. The Blog was named as ” Perjalanan1712 ” .  I don’t know why,  I deleted that blog, then continue to write blog for business, so many blogs that I have, the new one surely this broken-English blogs, named as “Muscadine Diet”.

1. Mind Your Language

Rather than writing formal language, you can write everything, yes, everything, you can write in Bahasa, English, or you native speaking language. You can write what ever you want. The old time I write to write poem, try to express my feelings, especially about what happen to me. Now, every have Facebook, every single point,every single problem, feeling ,love,hate, and also rumors, we want to share at our Facebook timeline. But one thing is, you have to mind your language. Some political, or maybe not, popular bloggers, always use this “F” words. oh what the heaven@#$@$@.

2. Backlinks

Backlink is the most important part in blogging, its determine how good your blog. Like I said before this, citations give you more points in ranking, quality backlinks to your blog give you more chances to rank higher in google search index. Although the have many changes lately in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), backlinks is the crucial part of SEO for any bloggers out there. You need to have a very authorize backlinks, good backlinks, not just backlink that you create by you own. Bad day come, and your blog can be punished by search engine like google. Remember that.

3. Platforms

So many platforms out there to promote your content to the world. Me using blogspot for free, for profesional bloggers, there use WordPress, and by their own domains. As your article is ready to publish, click publish, and you can promote your post to social media. No one care, you grammar, no needs for approval, and so on. How you measure your articles, its depend on your objectives. Many bloggers want to sell their products. Other bloggers want to  make money by advertisements. Like my wife Ainul, she got so many invitation, from outsiders to review their products. Last year I remember that Ainul received four tickets, just to review Chipmunks movie.

Academic Writing vs Blogging : Benefits From Both Sides

So many points that I want to talk about academic writing vs blogging. From my point of view, first, if you are academic writers, its can help you to write, and understand more scientific journals, and then you know how to cite this journal to your blog writing. Professional bloggers write their articles with references. In other situation, blogging can help you to express, learn how to write, you want to practice and level up your confidences to write in English. I know students now using blog to practice their writing skills. You see that citation and backlinks so important. Citation give more points to journals. Just open google scholar, type your keywords, and results show you, the first rank articles got the most highest citations. Same goes like backlinks. more backlinks , more higher rankings. After all what I can say, the most important is you write a very good QUALITY content, whether in scientific publications or in your blog post. Thank you for reading academic writing vs blogging

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