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Active Income Vs Passive Income

Active income is the income you get from your daily paycheck, contract or monthly sales. When you don’t work there is no income.

Passive income is a continuous income derived from an investment asset, pension or from a networkmarketing empire. You can still earn a little or no income.

Important question:

What it is like to make a living today is able to generate passive income in the old days.
Remember when older people need more money to meet basic needs especially medical expenses.

Many pensioners pay for medical bills and hospital bills.

There are people who have to sell assets to cover medical expenses … those who need cash savings and pilgrimage funds … in short say you have to retire at the age of 60 you need to provide enough money for daily and medical expenses up to the 80’s … 20th Century ln..nk expect their children are struggling with the rising cost of living every day.

What is the solution?

1. We need to invest in health care … besides some money to buy supplements.

2. Practice an active and healthy lifestyle

3. Do not owe debt and debt borrowers that exacerbate stress.

4. Plan your finances

5. 20% of compulsory income to invest or invest in a legitimate investment.

6. Get involved in unnecessary large biz and get passive income for a lifetime. You can biz it in the inheritance of your great-granddaughter .. 60 years old bizĀ  has proven to be a solid 4 generations.

7. Do not be extravagant or miserable because it loses its richness.

8. Increase in knowledge and practice in the next investment.

9. Get your biz goals in line with your life goals.

10. If they have the intention and help others, they will not give up.

Are you ready for a huge passive income … and commit to donating 20% of your revenue to Allah … finding your way is easy.

In sha Allah.

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