Air Asia Scam ?

Air Asia Scam ?

Air Asia Scam ?. AirAsia is a ‘scam’ company ?

1. On 7/9/2021, I bought an Air Asia return flight ticket online from KBR to KUL and from KUL to KBR. The total ticket price is RM148.60.

2. The flight date is on 4/10/2021, as I have business in KL Court on that day.

3. On 15/9/2021, AirAsia sent me an email that my flight had been canceled without being given any convincing reason. I tried to adjust the flight for the 2nd and 3rd dates but all of them were not available.

4. Since there are no AirAsia flights available, I had to buy a new flight ticket with Malindo RM320+ and had to spend the night at a hotel near the KL Court.

5. On 20/9/2021, due to dissatisfaction, I went to the Air Asia counter at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Kota Bharu to inquire why my flight was canceled. However, the AirAsia staff on duty at the time simply replied, “it’s normal”.

6. Then I asked the staff, will I get a refund? AirAskepala staff and only answer AirAsia only create “Credit Account” only through Apps.

7. After teaching me to install the Apps, AirAsia staff also said that the value of RM148.60 of my purchase money is only valid for a period of 2 years only. Then it will burn. I can’t even withdraw, I’m forced to buy what’s in the Apps only.

8. On 21/9/2021, I made an online written complaint to KDNHEP. On 23/9/21, KDNHEP replied to the email and told me this problem was outside their jurisdiction and I had to report to MOT @ Ministry of Transport.

9. On 23/9/21, I sent a complaint email to But unfortunately there was no response.

10. On 3/10/21, once again I made a complaint to the MOT but this time I made a complaint through their official website which is

11. On 4/10/21, I received an email from MAVCOM @ Malaysian Aviation Commission. They asked for all proof of purchase and cancellation emails from AirAsia in PDF format, and I cooperated fully.

12. On 15/10/21, AirAsia suddenly emailed me with the MAVCOM case reference number, saying AirAsia could not refund my money and informed me that RM148.60 had already been credited into the Apps that I installed within a day.

13. I replied to AirAsia’s email, I quoted the terms from AirAsia’s own website (I just found it), that customers must be given the choice of whether to refund money or not. But when I met the AirAsia staff, I was not given this refund option and the staff only mentioned the Credit Account.

14. Air Asia replied, he said I can no longer change the option because it is considered to choose the Credit Account option. And again I sent an email I wanted my Credit Account canceled just as AirAsia canceled my flight.

15. The last time I replied to an AirAsia email was on 24/10/21. And today when I checked back on the MOT complaint page, I found that my case had been ‘deleted’. I entered the complaint number but there is no information. Looks like the MOT closed my case without even informing me.

16. I don’t even know I want to do it again. Want to expect the government, the government is on the side of the capitalists. Although the value of RM148.60 is a little, but it means a lot to me because it is the people’s donations that helped my case.

17. I can only pray that God repays their tyranny as a government that ignores the people’s complaints and repays the capitalists who eat money illegally.

hope any politician brings this issue to Parliament.

p/s: I will try to complain again to the MOT this Monday.


call me beautiful when my pants no longer fit me, when dark spots and eye bags became new tenants on my face.

call me beautiful each time i flunk an exam, failed a job interview, burned a fried chicken, or lost in a singing contest.

call me beautiful if i decide to stop pursuing my dream, if i drop out of college, if i don’t leave the bed for days and cockroaches became my new roommates.

call me beautiful, not because i need you to remind me that i am, call me beautiful because you never stopped thinking that i am.

i need a love who calls me beautiful not because the mirror says so, but because his heart feels so.

—sin, “call me beautiful”
photo retrieved from

Shocking! Over 32,000 People DEAD In Brazil Following COVID-19 Vaccines According To Official Media Report

Official media reports in Brazil stated that during a 5-month period, over 32,000 people in Brazil have died following a COVID-19 injection.

Currently in Brazil, the following vaccines are authorized for use: AstraZeneca/Oxford, Pfizer/BioNTech, Coronavac (also called Sinovac), J&J/Janssen, and Butanvac.

The report was published on, which reportedly has about the same number of pageviews as, according to data from SimilarWeb. It is so big, that ICANN has given its own domain: .uol.

Despite these high amounts of deaths following vaccination, the report states:

“Vaccination is still the best way to control the disease.”


Sabah Sarawak Covid

Dr smnnjung to sarawak can rtk swab test (cheap) but Smnnjung to sabah must pcr (expensive). In Borneo, Sarawak has more active cases than Sabah, according to today’s statistics, as well as a few months ago. The dream country of Sabah is due to its leader ..

O noble Gov. of Sabah, please use your brain with your knowledge, you have time to study first and your experience is not with the decision of blindness, as far as I know the experience of maturing and maturing, but this decision is like killing people, really cruel and immature/heavy next ..

Aren’t you ashamed of the people ??? Listen and try to reflect for a moment on the problems of the people, carefully every decision you make. For example, if the people of Sabah who have lost their jobs in Smnnjung and decide to return to Sabah, their hometown and he has a large family, for example 5 children, including his wife and wife, is it appropriate for the price of 1 head to be RM170 and if we multiplied by 7 is already rm1190. Before the story of the Jewish flight ticket price again and because Air Asia used the system to cancel

the last flight, the customer could not be refunded and the case was closed then burned just like that. I know where justice is for the people of Sabah in this smnnjung. Absolutely no rights!
And one more thing, the issue that is hot right now, why be biased? While going to Langkawi on HOLIDAY,

BERSUKA-RIA just use antigens that cost RM30 or less compared to going back to Sabah, which is right, there is no way, it’s RM170 per head. Where is your humanity in the people? Don’t think that every Sabah person who returns to Sabah is on holiday, I think the average person who returns to Sabah now is not on holiday but because he has to lose his job and cannot continue the struggle in Malaya .. I call on the Sabah government and I represent the children borneo nomads especially Sabahan, Please study the grievances of these nomadic children.

P/s: So many hidden expressions. Please tag or share this article to reach the central government of Sabah !!

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