Peluang Untuk Penganggur

Are You Thinker or Doer ?


I don’t want to talk to anyone, talk to yourself. We used to like reading, analyzing and studying and studying and came in all sorts of classes, and finally nothing did. It’s really bad behavior. So we are the pillars of the country, not moving because we are also afraid of what we think until we are afraid to take risks.

But people who like to make, practical people, and learn from inserts. This is called einstein experience is the best teacher. Whatever you learn a little and keep doing it. Although we learn a little, but in fact it is a little that can be changed and improvised into power. If anyone is diligent in watching naruto, know that naruto knows kage bunshin, but he can do all sorts of things with that technique.

So you want more ISLAM, more wasatiyah, more balance, you have to be two in two, you need to be balanced and in line. THINKER and DOER. It’s fun for us to have a join  PICC group, this group is indeed a balance, before we think first, then we continue to do, and then we do post analysis and so on. Do you agree?

Are you THINKER or DOER?

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