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Avocado Benefits To Health


Want to know what the avocado fruit is? Let’s read …

1) Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Avocado is a fruit rich in fat. But interestingly, most of these fats are “good fats” or in scientific terms “unsaturated mono fats”. The oleic acid content found in Avocado is the same component that is found in Olive Oil! So, anyone who can’t afford olive oil can use Avocado to increase body fat but at the same time, it is healthy for your heart. Well, if your body has a lot of “bad fat”, the risk of heart disease is high

2) Helps to Lower High Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure problems contain high amounts of Sodium or the simple language of salt in the blood. One way to lower blood pressure is to take foods containing Potassium. Potassium content in Avocado is high, about 500mg for an Avocado! Potassium will work to reduce salt content in the body through urine. So, if you have a family or friends with high blood pressure, tell them to eat Avocado always!

3) Helps Absorb Nutrition

When you eat other foods containing nutrients along with Avocado, your body’s ability to absorb nutrients will increase. Do you know why? Because Avocado contains a high amount of fat and this fat content helps the body absorb nutrients from other foods, especially fat-soluble nutrients. Isn’t it funny ?!

4) Reduce Cholesterol In The Body

Excess cholesterol in the body can cause heart problems, high blood pressure, and more. Cholesterol is usually found in fast food or fastfood. However, the unsaturated fat content contained in Avocado can help lower the bad cholesterol content in the body, according to the study. Even more interesting, Avocado has no direct cholesterol. Wow!

5) Reduce Odor Breath

Aaargh! One of the shameful things is when we know our breath smells bad. It tastes down, right. You know, in fact the smell of breath can be controlled by taking Avocado. Why? Why, Avocado helps eliminate bacteria that “wanders” in our throat and age! So, later, cut the Avocado into small dice and eat two or three pieces when you smell bad!

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