Bill Gates Billionaire Reality

Bill Gates Billionaire Reality

Bill Gates Billionaire Reality, Billionaire and Reality

Bill Gates became a Billionaire when he was around 31, in 1987 – the youngest Billionaire at the time.

Then, 8 years later, in 1995, he became the richest individual in the world with a net worth of USD11.9 billion.

A popular story is Bill Gates dropout from Harvard University.

Then what many business teachers in Malaysia say is …

“Even if you don’t go to university, you can be rich. Then if you go to university, you will finish your studies and work as a laborer!”

Before getting your heads pissed off by the business teachers, brother, brother, share a few less popular stories about Bill Gates:-

1. Mr. Bill Gates, his name was William Henry Gates II, or better known as Bill Gates Sr. He is a rich Lawyer. Ready to have its own firm, named Shidler McBroom & Gates (later, after the merger, so the firm named K&L Gates).

2. Bill Gates’ mother, her name is Mary Ann Maxwell Gates, she was a Board Member of United Way, around 1980. What is United Way? It is an international network of over 1,800 local nonprofit fundraising affiliates. Yes, he has such a big organization, his mother is a Board Member there. If I’m not mistaken, he used to be the Chairman.

3. Bill Gates, before entering Harvard, he entered a school called Lakeside School (Seattle). Private school, bro. In an interview, he told the story of his school friends, relax and take a Porsche to school. Him being schooled there, Bill Gates’ younger brother, is he a child of B40 or M40 or not both?

4. Why did you mention the article on Mr. Bill Gates? Simple. Because Mak Bapak, who plays a big role, is not kicked by the business sifus who make the price class of thousands and there is dancing.

5. Mr. Bill Gates, lawyer. Powerful lawyer and client base, high profile personnel. When Microsoft started up first, there were other start-ups up as well. But mostly Bill Gates has to change the deck from a legal point of view, whether it’s patent rights or whatever space he can change. Basically, he helped to kill-off competitions for his son’s company.

6. Bill Gates’ mother, her networking is crazy. Among his relatives are President of the National City Bank in Seattle and Director (Seattle Branch) of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

7. Her mother, United Way Board Member. On the United Way Board of Directors, there is this uncle, his name is John Opel.

8. Who is John Opel? No, he’s not as familiar with John Cena as the WWE wrestler. John Opel, he is the Chairman of a company called International Business Machine Corporation.

9. What is “International Business Machine Corporation”? Her glamorous name is what people call, “IBM” – yes, that giant company.

10. IBM is also a giant company that suddenly gave the opportunity to a start-up company called “Microsoft” in 1980, to develop software for it’s first personal computer. 7 years ago, Microsoft’s Tokey, Bill Gates, became the world’s youngest billionaire.

Do you think Bill Gates’ mother has played a role in the Microsoft-IBM deal, since he is on the United Way Board of Directors with John Opel?

11. Brother will never discount or negate Bill Gates ’abilities. He is power, smart, billionaire and deserve what he has today.

12. What I want to deny is a populist statement and propaganda that states that everyone can be a Billionaire by themselves – alone, or by effort alone.

13. It is this kind of populist propaganda that makes many people get scammed into becoming businessmen, especially the so -called founder of companies and products. Even worse, being deceived by business sifus and spending thousands of money, must be able to gain self-confidence from partially true facts.

14. Bill Gates, like many (not all) young achievers today, is mostly groomed and designed to be rich. They have all the resources needed to be rich. Out of her mother’s womb, it was placed directly in a gold tray and connected directly to influential people (not Instagram influencers!).

15. In conclusion, if you are not in the category with leverage like or exactly Bill Gates, do not believe or be fascinated by the gangs of fraudulent business sifu-sifu. Many brothers have found that they are in trouble, brother. Unfortunately, but, what do you want to do, rice has become porridge, not a Billionaire like Bill Gates.

16. Don’t underestimate the salaried workers. Maybe, depa has a plan to provide the best routes and facilities for depa’s children and family – not necessarily to be a Billionaire, but it is possible to have a career and be a person. Everyone has their own path and sustenance.

Not to weaken your spirit if you want to be a businessman, but, before making a decision, you need to know the facts and not be guided by business sifus alone.

Oh yes, if you hear people talking about not having to study if you want to succeed or enter the University, it’s useless, remember that Bill Gates has 3 children, all of his children, go to the University; 2 at Stanford University and one at Duke University.

Thank you.

In the pic: Bill Gates with his Mom and Dad, his wedding time. This time, in 1994 if Uncle Google is not mistaken, a year before he became the richest man in the world – it’s time to be a billionaire.

He said he did not dare to set his public post.

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The EU wants to extend the “Digital COVID Certificate” for another year until 2023. Allegedly, the QR code certificate is meant to curb pandemics. But vaccinated and unvaccinated people have been shown to carry the same viral load.

Christine Anderson, digital policy spokeswoman for the AfD delegation in the EU Parliament, clarifies:

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