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Bob Iger CEO Disney Move

Bob Iger, ex-CEO Disney for 15 years. A great storyteller and in one of his lessons, he shared his (complex) experience acquiring 21st Century Fox. It’s one of the largest acquisition in broadcasting history. Prior to Fox, Bob also involved in acquiring Marvel and Lucasfilm for Disney.

Mike Fleming Jr. of Deadline Hollywood commented, “given how Disney made the Marvel and Lucasfilm deals under the cone of silence, if this happens we’ll probably only know it when it’s announced.”

How to make big and bold decision?

1. Make a Choice Right Now – It is powerful to make choices.

2. Choose the Open Door – Opportunities present themselves and then are often gone.

3. Don’t Underestimate Speed – Haste doesn’t always make waste.

4. Mistakes Count – Fear of making mistakes is what paralyzes many from making life choices.

Tony Robbins explained that you should make big and important decisions only while you’re in a peak and passionate state. When you do so, you set yourself up to live at the highest level, consistently.

Have you made any bold decision recently? How passionate are you with the move?

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