Briber Giver Facebook Banned ?

It seems to be correct what I assumed before. Since the BRIBER GIVER statistics spread, it seems as if hating or condemning the bribe giver is a crime and racism.

Facebook has deleted my post commenting on the recent bribery statistics. I have also received a warning and am at risk of having my account blocked.

All with the reason that I have made ‘hate speech’ through the writing.

Is hating a bribe giver a crime? It’s really strange our world now.

As far as I understand, this kind of restriction on Facebook usually happens when there is a report made en masse that is not happy with my post.

I don’t know who is so hot-headed that they seriously make reports, en masse.

Won’t the bribe-givers make a report? Or supporters of bribe giving groups?

Kiasu really behaves like that. It’s like Israel, they want to block it to cover up crime.

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