Peluang Untuk Penganggur

Business Is Too Easy ? Think Again

I see a lot of these business people who are rich, easy to do business ?Okay look, if this business would have been easier then no one would have paid a living right? Good business people. Business is easy if we are people;

✅ Positive.
✅ Trust.
✅ Be patient.
✅ Competitive.
✅ Think Long.
✅ Rajin Works.
✅ Willing to Sacrifice.
✅ It is not easy to despair.
✅ Don’t like to give excuses.
✅ Continued Resurrection From Failure.
✅ Invest in the Past for the Future.
✅ Have a desire to improve your knowledge.
✅ Prepared for Loss.

And most importantly you are a person who is totally dependent on Allah SWT for his sustenance! Sorry, if your heart is dull, lazy, there are many reasons you will never succeed unless you change!

No businessman / businesswoman can succeed without failure. There are some who risk losing tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of tickets to succeed!

Do you want to live a happy life? Work hard first, have fun later.

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