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Declutter To Make You Happy

When people ask me. how can I be happy? It’s really hard to change the interior.

This is Oppa. Let me explain. Every single thing around you is a direct reflection of who you are. If we are at peace, everything around you will be peaceful. Your family, your health, your career, your relationships, your finances, your romance and your spiritual. Everything will be at peace when you are peaceful inside.

But if we break inside. Everything around us will turn out to be bad. Because all the things around us are a direct reflection of who we are inside. Everything is a reflection of ourselves.

So, change the situation of life instead of changing the other person around, but change ourselves first. Be the change you want to see in this world. Then the change will become a reality. If we want this world full of peace and love. Let’s be safe and loving first.

If the world is full of tranquility and Wealth, we become calm and wealthy. Simple. Then everything around us would be in place. The key is in yourself.

But some people find it hard to change from within themselves. She doesn’t seem to see her in person. Lost. It’s been a long time since she’s been here. Never connects with her heart and soul. You can’t do it from the inside out.

So here’s my suggestions.


Since our exterior reflects what is within us, and our interior reflects what is within us. Why don’t we fix the exterior first, then the new interior will also be impressed.

Declutter by macamni. You take one day, you pack all your stuff in your life. From home to car, to your office. Everything. You fix everything.

Use this formula. 90:90. What you have never used 90 days ago, and do not use the next 90 days, you throw or share it to others.

What ever possessions that does not spark happiness and joy to you, just for the people. Less stuff, less worries. Keep only the things that really matter to you.

The rest are giving. Hopefully you will find your life very spacious. Lots of new space, lots of fun and lots of fun can come in.

Sometimes our lives are not good for nothing. We keep so much trash. They all eat up space in our mind and heart. So boring because it’s too much stuff. Try clearing. Remove all the fray, all the boxes, all the unnecessary items at home, at the office and in the car.

Declutter also on your social media and circle of friends. Any page that never benefits you 90 days ago and will not benefit you 90 soon, all you unfollow. Your negative friends are all unfollow.

It all eats up space in your mind and heart. It all requires our time, attention and energy. Losing our precious resources to a place of no avail.

Circle of friends do the same. Just spend time with those who make you happy, joyful and excited. Keep your circle small yet Quality. Less people, less drama.

May I remove all gossip pages, portals that provide low value content and fill my newsfeeds with only high value and high impact content. Subhanallah, my brain is plenty of space for a new idea, my heart is plenty of space for a more spacious and quiet feel.

So, start DECLUTTER from today.
Tomorrow holidays, invite husbands, invite children, friends and team all declutter. Organize your space, organize your life.

You will find this simple act for a huge impact on your life and business. Don’t just tidy up and organize your stuff. She’ll be back for more. You throw away and give everyone everything they don’t need. Only keep those who spark happiness & joy to you.

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