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Duplication Important For Success

Duplication Important For Success

Duplication Important For Success. When it comes to school, copying is a mistake. especially during exams. we are forbidden to imitate a friend’s answer. but it’s school time. Even so, we can emulate the best of friends, no matter what we do, until we can answer the exam well.

Duplication Important For Success

To succeed in life, we need to duplicate or duplicate those who have succeeded. find people we can role role or Mentor for Success.

The best mentor or model is surely our great Prophet. but we can also imitate other people who have succeeded or are in the right position.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a role-model. because of the error of the moon we can stray far from our original purpose. know who we want to join.

how to find a suitable roll model? Let’s follow these 4 things

1. Biographical book.
can read the biographies of the successful people we want

2. Interview.
can read interviews or question-and-answer sessions in magazines or newspapers

3. Meet and hang out.
this is the best. because we can know the person’s heart more closely. Can ask the owner directly.

4. Get information from other people. for example family members, friends of friends or people close to our idol

This mimicry technique is one of the most effective techniques. and it is also a shortcut to success. just duplicate, duplicate and make improvements. adjust yourself

Make sure the person we want to follow has the same goals as us. for example, If we are in the field of MLM or network marketing Look for those who have succeeded in those other fields.

Mentor in network marketing via bisness, so, if you want to succeed, join our team now !!!

Haters oh Haters

Because They Don’t Like It

I have a friend, whom I like the most. She always updates positive, motivating things and makes us feel “YES, I CAN!”

But one time, we didn’t have any updates on him.

So I’m asking you why … I’m not feeling well.

And he told me .. He could reprimand some people for not updating such postings … It makes them annoyed, looks good, feels bad about the life of someone who doesn’t like him, etc … in short they don’t like it.

I’m fine .. It’s OK, so many people like your post and the most important thing I like.

But my friend is very hurt. So no more postings from her.

When people feel humiliated, their vibration drops almost to level 0, like no hope, and rather die. Like too much right, but that’s what happened.

We can do this from two angles, first of all, we have no right to hate anyone. More people who have nothing to do with us. Just to be content with their writing, not to be hated. Don’t like it, can’t stand it, UNFOLLOW. That’s something to teach. As long as they don’t do evil or encourage others to do evil, respect other people’s space pleaseee!

Second, we also have no right to want everyone to like or accept us. Even some people don’t like it … So don’t want to entertain anyone who doesn’t like us. When we try to satisfy the hearts of those who don’t like us, we are actually torturing ourselves & those we love and love.

In this life, to be happy, we have to identify 2 things we can control, and things we cannot control.

Our feelings towards others, we can control. So don’t be so mean and hateful to others.

The feelings of others towards us, we are out of control. So do not want to think, let them think of anything, as long as we do not sin, and as long as we are happy !!

Being happy doesn’t have to be a superhero.

How much do moms outsourcing work from home?

Our mother, we wife, does not mean that everything should be done by ourselves and somebody even though we are housewives working from home.

Which can outsource our outsource.
Being happy doesn’t have to be a superhero.
Everyone wants to do it on their own
It’s stress
Loss of stress.
The sustenance runs off when this stress is on
It’s fun to be angry.
It’s fun to be funny.

A smart supermodel needs to allocate time and energy in the right place.

Examples of clothes. Duplication Important For Success

1. Can send laundry
2. Can call maid
3. Can afford to send folding clothes. Now there are many services like that
4. May request three children to transfer.
5. Can ask your husband to handle the fabric and fold it

Whatever is the choice to keep your heart calm, do it.
Try to make things worse. Have a nice talk with your husband. This and that.

Because of the work of the house, it is not exhausted throughout lifeĀ  will not stress for a lifetime

The scene was. Send to laundry to dry.

BE HAPPY , Thank God ..

3 EASY PEOPLE IN BUSINESS – Divided into 3 phases

Phase 1 – NOT Started

Not started. It’s a good time to start. Duplication Important For Success

Business books have been read a lot, business teachers have followed. The first step is not yet started.

Just get started. Start as early as possible.

We will learn a lot once we get started.

As long as it doesn’t start, as long as it’s a gray road.

Start a little, the path will be a little clear. That’s the way it is.

Start with a small capital. Learn to make a little money first. Don’t start with the big money, the loan, the tens or hundreds of thousands. When it breaks, it hurts here.

Phase 2 – STARTING

When it starts, you want to get rich quick.

Most businesses take the time to make a lot of money.

Make a little money first, a lot of money will come.

Be patient.

Keep striving every day and believe that one day our business will reach a boom point.

Remove that ‘heart tissue’.

See the small success of other entrepreneurs. Hang out with them. Expand our circle of contacts. A little bit of it can push us to stay consistent.


Once the business has made money, it’s been too long in the comfort zone.

Making money is fun. Get pocket money every month. This is a tidy phase with lots of money.

Don’t be in the money-making phase. The business of making money doesn’t have to last long.

Business is divided into many components. Money is not the only component of money (sales) to be strengthened.

There are other components such as:

+ Marketing
+ After-sale customer service.
+ Admin
+ Finance
+ Human resource management.
+ Operation

Learn to systematize our business.

Start learning the skills of building a company and business that can survive, stand strong and grow over the long term.

+ Invest in business profits to expand the product market.
+ Learn how to do business with a partner.
+ Learn organizational development science.
+ Build team members – IMPORTANT!
+ Appoint the right person to manage the company’s finances.
+ Improve system and SOP.
+ Pay taxes, pay zakat. Then invest some of the profits to buy the assets.

The brain makes money only for the next 30 days and 6 months.

The business brain is thinking 10 years ahead.

Start the move from SOLO-preneur (Self-Employed) to BUSINESS OWNER. Arrange the bricks of our business so that one day it stands firm on a strong, not fragile foundation. Duplication Important For Success

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