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Duplication Important For Success

When it comes to school, copying is a mistake. especially during exams. we are forbidden to imitate a friend’s answer. but it’s school time. Even so, we can emulate the best of friends, no matter what we do, until we can answer the exam well.

To succeed in life, we need to duplicate or duplicate those who have succeeded. find people we can role role or Mentor for Success.

The best mentor or model is surely our great Prophet. but we can also imitate other people who have succeeded or are in the right position.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a role-model. because of the error of the moon we can stray far from our original purpose. know who we want to join.

how to find a suitable roll model? Let’s follow these 4 things

1. Biographical book.
can read the biographies of the successful people we want

2. Interview.
can read interviews or question-and-answer sessions in magazines or newspapers

3. Meet and hang out.
this is the best. because we can know the person’s heart more closely. Can ask the owner directly.

4. Get information from other people. for example family members, friends of friends or people close to our idol

This mimicry technique is one of the most effective techniques. and it is also a shortcut to success. just duplicate, duplicate and make improvements. adjust yourself

Make sure the person we want to follow has the same goals as us. for example, If we are in the field of MLM or network marketing Look for those who have succeeded in those other fields.

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