Peluang Untuk Penganggur

Eat Less, Fasting Solution To Obesity


Whoever says that obesity is the reason for not exercising and not moving much, not exercising, not jogging, then that person is only 10% correct.

The reason you are fat is because you eat so much and often, it is never for the stomach to rest from digesting food. Even in the middle of the morning, the blind could get up and buy some rice. Try to figure out the story early tomorrow morning to learn what to eat.

SOLUTION is not an exercise. The cause of obesity is NOT because of lack of exercise. The real reason are eating too much and too much. Fasting and dietary control are the key to fighting obesity.

Fasting disciplines your meal time. It also acts as a regulator and regenerates the hormone cycle. The body’s cells become more sensitive to insulin. The source of energy intake changes from food dependence to body fat. The longer you use body fat as the ‘food’ for your system, the thinner you will become. Feelings of hunger are also gradually disappearing as ghrelin hormones are common in your fasting state. Blood glucose also decreases automatically, and the visceral fat is eliminated from your blood vessels and organs.

Up to a point, you EAT LESS because your stomach is small and eating just enough. You also MOVE MORE because your body is lighter and you no longer feel like a Galapagos tortoise weighing almost a ton. There are so many sports that you want to try because you didn’t have the time to do so.

EAT LESS MOVE MORE is no longer a valid way to lose weight. It is a result you enjoy after you fast and successfully maintain it.

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