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Ebit Lew Crying Viral Case

Crying from earlier. Just want to cry to God. I do not know. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Feeling very tired. Although I have permission to provide assistance. From midnight yesterday I was contacted to go to the Bukit Aman Special Branch. Go there today to get and give an explanation especially the viral case a few days ago because there was a complaint. On the advice so far only I serve to help all who are in trouble. They all treated me very well. Thank you very much.

It’s just that I feel very sad. If I bother anyone I apologize. I really can’t see people sleeping on shit or on the side of the road. I have paid more than a hundred people for accommodation and accommodation. I just shared a few cases with a friend on my fb media. I also have no intention of going viral. Many children find it difficult to neglect my tahfiz to pay their fees. My business is actually very good. Thanks be to God. Abundance is abundant. I used to spend my own money to help people everywhere. This pkp time has run out of millions. My own savings I have spent a million ringgit. Now many are also starting with me in the work of helping and rescuing those in distress including the frontliner.

I am sorry. I did make this media a platform to share my love with everyone. Earlier crying I testified to some officers because the coat was tired. Seriously very tired. I do not blame anyone. I am not a politician. I’m nobody. Only Chinese Muslims who love Islam and Malaysia.

I apologize to all yer. On the advice so far only I serve all directly. I will only transfer money to difficult people. I continue from home only. Do not tag me again in the case of difficult people. Later after the new PKP I tried to help.

I just want to hug my son. I want to hug my angel. Happy Ramadan to all. If this is the price to be paid after all this I calm down. I apologize to all ye. I was wrong. To God I surrender. O God I complain of my sadness, my grief is only to You.

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