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Facebook Fanpage Likers

Facebook Fanpage Likers

Facebook Fanpage Likers. I remember, in November 2014, there was a time, we did not serve the main fan page facebook, we were busy focusing on blogging. Suddenly the page developed, dropped sharply from 90k likers to 60k likers. Due to being lazy to update, because I think there are no sales, finally this page is getting more and more bored, so up to 59k likes.

Facebook Fanpage Likers

But seeing the rise of the pregnant mothers page, the great page page rises sharply organically. We think why we do not want to update this page all the time and when. Of course it can go up. Starting from last year, efforts are made, always also update the page, whether it is regular info, jokes, magic words, and also  business, finally in more than a year, it can reach 97k likers. Oklah, I can’t fight another page that is more crowded.

The importance of this page, a lot, do you remember how much you want to rent oh month and even a catfish ready to pay thousands of riban? But the Healthy Diet Diet page service is free, for our organization, #choramaticfamily, congratulations to the members who work hard for sharing here. Alhamdulillah, the best feedback, can also increase blog traffic, and get many of their business prospects.

That’s how we developed this page, for future benefits. We do not know what facebook will close later, but we know, we can not be lazy, UP discipline, update and promote must continue. This is the only way the empire can be raised by an organization, not just sitting around shaking your legs doing nothing, unless you are a paid seamstress or nightclub dancer.

Growing slowly, little by little, building a solid foundation first as Helen Lam, President of  Malaysia said. KLCC also took 3 years to build the base site only, and then it went up little by little. We see for ourselves a lot of business organizations, which rise fast, fall fast, collapse fast, because the basics are not strong and in a hurry. There are also instant noodles, things are not cooked enough, picked, the quality is not good.

We will always see nature, the creation of Allah swt, Allah is great, how it grows, that is what we should emulate. God’s creations and calculations never fail, and they are amazing. That is also the philosophy of  founder too, Dr. Forrest , look at the greatness of “Nature” and emulate it.

Facebook Viral Afterlife

Sounds like tawaduk , hahaha, people say facebook is a waste of time, some say run away from focus, until Friday prayers serve facebook. But that is for those who really like to waste time near facebook. But, for people who do business, preach, facebook is used as THEIR INTEREST INVESTMENT.

Message to the founder of natural products, Dr. Forrest , said business is the result of sharing, sharing, not selling. The more partnerships happen, the better you can get value from that partnership. Hahhaa, do you remember, the reward of the person who conveys this good thing is double? That’s right. Again, right now. There are two challenges he has, whether you spread the wrong story or spread goodness, hahah that is our challenge.

Hahaha, since the two of you did the  tsunami task, then you understand why you should update this facebook with useful things. as a result of the powerful tsunami headline, abg joe was able to issue an opinion that was not very thoughtful.

Hahaha, this number is just a number, the important thing is the sincerity we make, our intentions, why we must continue and continue to share, no matter fb, ig, blog, and so on. Again FB, easily got viral

So you have to do it, do the right thing for the impact, start now sharing, knowledge always comes in even though the son of Adam has lost his body and spirit in the world. If you and I all keep on sharing this goodness, the best product, the best business, the best solution, this is the secret of your business and your legacy will GROW !!!

Blogspot and Fanpage

Alhamdulillah, today I can teach supermom boys about the advantages of blogspot and facebook page. they all have advantages and disadvantages. want to compare this thing is really hard, until r.u R.u. Adyani Ab Rahman became saturated learning blogspot and page.

blogspot is an easy and quick way to have a blog. since google bought blogspot, everything is already on google server. many famous bloggers all use blogspot. but wordpress pays more organized and systematic apart from the advanced plug-ins and many layouts and other things can be made.

facebook page is an interesting system when combined with our blog. use the best page when we can test all our blog titles with more strategies. page can be edited for more powerful pictures. the advantages of page statistics can be used to see the effectiveness of our titles. besides can re-share the same article because there are search lenses compared to personal fb. but personal fb is easier, many followers, easy to gather and socialize. followers are easy to stick to compared to likers page.

finally, a system is born that can be used, make the best use of the free, before deciding to move to a better system. in the end it is easy and cheap if duplicated, it becomes a great power. commitment is the determinant of all systems created. this is a difficult lesson, the difference between regular bloggers for their own sales and  leaders who need to make sure the system they create is easy to duplicate. that is the lesson of blogspot and facebook page for today.

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