Peluang Untuk Penganggur

Facebook Viral Afterlife

Sounds like tawaduk , hahaha, people say facebook is a waste of time, some say run away from focus, until Friday prayers serve facebook. But that is for those who really like to waste time near facebook. But, for people who do business, preach, facebook is used as THEIR INTEREST INVESTMENT.

Message to the founder of natural products, Dr. Forrest , said business is the result of sharing, sharing, not selling. The more partnerships happen, the better you can get value from that partnership. Hahhaa, do you remember, the reward of the person who conveys this good thing is double? That’s right. Again, right now. There are two challenges he has, whether you spread the wrong story or spread goodness, hahah that is our challenge.

Hahaha, since the two of you did theĀ  tsunami task, then you understand why you should update this facebook with useful things. as a result of the powerful tsunami headline, abg joe was able to issue an opinion that was not very thoughtful.

Hahaha, this number is just a number, the important thing is the sincerity we make, our intentions, why we must continue and continue to share, no matter fb, ig, blog, and so on. Again FB, easily got viral

So you have to do it, do the right thing for the impact, start now sharing, knowledge always comes in even though the son of Adam has lost his body and spirit in the world. If you and I all keep on sharing this goodness, the best product, the best business, the best solution, this is the secret of your business and your legacy will GROW !!!

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