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Founder of Russian Empire

In 1721, Peter the Great from the House of Romanov, founded the Russian Empire. Its territories were formerly referred to as the Tsardom of Russia since the rule of Ivan IV. Under the Romanov Dynasty, the Empire spanned from Europe, Asia, to North America, making it the third-largest Empire in history.

During the reign of Nicholas II, the Empire started to weaken after suffering multiple defeats in the Russo-Japanese War. In January 1905, hundreds of demonstrators in St Petersburg were killed by the imperial guards which triggered the First Russian Revolution.

In 1914, Russia entered World War I, and the Tsar took command of the armed forces the following year. The growing discontent with the monarchy led to the February Revolution of 1917. On 2 March in the old Julien calendar, Nicholas II was abdicated, finally ending the 300-year rule of the Romanov Dynasty. The newly established provisional government then proclaimed the Russian Republic.

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