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Alhamdulillah, last Sunday, in conjunction with the birthday of princess Arreessa Zulaikha, I was tempted to make a special class to show gratitude to God, because how can I have good luck, God’s blessings, get a special gift, a gift to jannah. Usually this girl can get a gift pricesslah, cook it, for me to get the Al-Quran is the most powerful gift ever, like marrying Erra Fazira.

Oklah, if we want to tell a little story about google, of course many people know, nowadays, everyone wants to google, oklah, until he has become like a branding. Although there are many other search engines in the world, there are Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Yonnex (eh this is a badminton racket brand) and many more. Nowadays, even though people have started searching on Facebook or Instagram or Youtube, but the term google is really powerful, until the villagers I said, if you want to learn about bathing, you can also google. ish ish ish.

When I made this facebook post, many people joined, oklah, those who join are really great names in theĀ  industry and the entertainment industry and business in the country. I think all this is just great, so thank you yam leaves to those who are willing to listen to brother Joe’s chatter to make this class. Oklah, the easy way, the best thing about this webmaster tools is

You can see which keywords go into your blog, here it is important if you say you sell big solid breast cream, but those keywords do not even enter your blog, the answer is still not good anymore. Yes, if you want to sell a magnifying cream, you have to make an entry about the cream, but you have to make another entry, the entry will come back. This is unforgivable.

You can ask google to index your blog, so that if someone is looking for you, there is hope to find you, even though the keyword is actually behind it, but the important thing is still there. Ok, for that you have to learn SEO techniques, there are all kinds of sifu in this world from Neil Patel, Wanyusof, Wan Jamak Hassan, Wak Zainul, Lyna Noh and many more.

Your website will be more professional, organized using webmaster tools. Usually, we used to play blogspot, play bedal je, templates want to be beautiful there are flowers, then open je website there is a soul song. Even if you enter an Islamic blog, put a song on a saujana tree It’s good, nasyid song, but it slows down. But if you are as popular as Nora Danish, people will still come in as well.

If you feel like joining again, you can click on it, hahaha, a post that invites you all to join a secret group that uses the Metallica group as a header. Although it has nothing to do with it, but the spirit of Metallica is still in brother Joe, even though brother Joe is aware of brother Joe’s guitar skills can play 2 chords. Takpalah, if you feel like watching the long description of Abang Joe’s long fat description, you can click on it, request to join the group, Abang Joe approve. If you think it’s ok, ask your brother joe to buy one pack of nasi lemak !!!

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