Frequent Use of Condoms Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

Frequent Use of Condoms Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

Frequent Use of Condoms Lead To Erectile Dysfunction. Frequent use of ‘wet tissues’ can lead to impotence. The use of magic tissues regularly and over a long period of time can be detrimental to the user especially will cause a man to face the risk of impotence. President of the Malaysian Association of Public Health Physicians, Datuk Dr. Zainal Ariffin Omar said, the product is widely sold in Aceh retail stores due to demand from consumers.

According to him, the name magic tissue may be awkward to some individuals

but for hardcore users of the strong drug, it seems like a great alternative to ‘act’ longer with their partner. “Various strong drugs have been sold in this country for a long time, but for this product is starting to find a place among men because it is sold at a cheap price and easy to find. “Most strong medicines, including this product, also contain anesthetics, which are substances that cause numbness for a while. Typically, it is often used in medicine especially before surgery.

“However, if it is used in the long run, consumers will be at risk of impotence. So, I suggest not to use this product, “he said when contacted by Kosmo! yesterday. Zainal Ariffin said, the widespread sale of the product is very worrying because it is feared that it will expose teenagers to try or increase the rate of free association in the country. “This product is not good for health and if no monitoring is done, teenagers who are getting older will buy and try this product.

“We are worried that teenagers will be exposed to this product because they are in a curious phase or trying new things. It will also expose them to free association if not monitored. “In this regard, I hope there will be monitoring done by the authorities to ensure that this product does not continue to be sold so easily. There must be a firm action to ensure that the sale of this product is stopped immediately, “he explained. Frequent use of ‘wet tissues’ can lead to impotence.

Three Million Malaysians Have Impotence – Expert

KUALA LUMPUR: More than three million people in this country suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), said Sexual and Reproductive Health Consultant Dr Mohd Ismail Mohd Tambi.
He said the figure was likely to be higher as many of those suffering from the problem refused to admit it or did not try to seek proper medical treatment.
“I was involved in a study in 1996-1997 where 600,000 Malaysian men were found to have erectile dysfunction.
“The figure has increased at least five times or more today,” he said in an interview with Astro AWANI recently.

He who has been involved in this field for almost 30 years added that the situation is more worrying when the same study also found that among them are the young or late 20s.
According to him, among the factors that contribute to this are an unbalanced lifestyle, physically obese and facing life stress.
More than three million Malaysians suffer from impotence, said your pain specialist, Dr Mohd Ismail Mohd Tambi.

Dr Mohd Ismail said smoking could also contribute to ED, but most Malaysians found it difficult to change their lifestyle.
“There are also husbands who say that smoking gives them more satisfaction in relationships, but their wives do not agree,” he said.

Viagra and strong drugs
Dr Mohd Ismail said when Viagra was first introduced in Malaysia, many Malaysians wanted to try it and asked him to get the drug.
In fact, there is a high demand from Singaporeans to obtain it.
“In Singapore, the medicine cannot be obtained arbitrarily except on the instructions of a doctor. So many Singaporeans come here to get it,” he added.
He also expressed concern with the dumping of male potency drugs in the market, especially on the black market and sold at cheap prices.
Dr Mohd Ismail also advised Malaysians to avoid trying such drugs without a doctor’s advice.

“Many people take such medicines after being recommended by friends. These medicines are bought cheaply from China and India. Some are also bought online,” he added.
He said, among the side effects of the drug include dizziness, muscle aches, red eyes, numbness of the face and stuffy nose.
“My advice to those who suffer from this problem is not to take such drugs without the advice of a doctor because impotence may be a symptom for other health problems such as diabetes,” he added.

Weak Inner Energy? Try Vitamin E

Men approaching the age of 40 to 70 are potentially experiencing ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED).
Usually those at risk are those who have a history of high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, arterial narrowing, people with psychological problems and there are also studies that have found that those who are exposed to radiation (phone has radiation or not ??) can continuously suffer weak inner energy.

Vitamin E is a supplement that has always been linked to help with ED. Vitamin E is able to dilute the blood so that the blood can move freely throughout the body, including the male genital area. This smooth blood flow allows the genitals to function better and last longer.

Help yourself. Avoid consuming various types of coffee that are said to be able to help ED problems but are eventually confirmed to contain harmful chemicals. Instead take vitamin E from shaklee whose ingredients are certified natural and safe to use.

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