Gangsterism Against Malaysians

Gangsterism Against Malaysians

Khairy’s statement is similar to the government’s use of gangsterism against Malaysians. even Singapore and Israel have revoked the original policy of vaccine passports for travel because they realized that there was no epidemiological value due to the significant increase in the number of infections among those who had been fully vaccinated, ”

Gangsterism against Malaysians

HEALTH Minister Khairy Jamaluddin is being a bully with his statement that the government will make life harder for the unvaccinated, the National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE) said. Its secretary-general J. Solomon said Khairy’s statement is akin to the government resorting to gangsterism on its citizens. The National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE) opposes any form of discrimination, bullying and undermining the dignity of citizens who refuse to be vaccinated.

NUBE secretary-general J Solomon said Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin’s statement that “the government may not make Covid-19 vaccination mandatory instead those who refuse to be vaccinated will face a difficult life” was an act of bullying people who chose not to be vaccinated. “The government acknowledges that the vaccine is not a solution for Covid-19. Whether vaccinated or not, a person can still become infected and infect others.

“Even countries like Singapore and Israel have revoked the original policy of vaccine passports for travel because they realized that there was no epidemiological value due to the significant increase in the number of infections among those who had been fully vaccinated,” he said in a statement. He said Khairy could not threaten to get the consent of those who refused to be vaccinated by acting in a discriminatory manner and boycotting and labeling them as anti -vaccine.

He said forcing those who refused to be vaccinated was also a form of violation.


Stay out of hospitals. Our family has had 5 deaths in the last 6 weeks. I’m in the process of planning another funeral. You can think what you want but I think 5 deaths in 6 weeks is not right at all. People have reached out to me with the same stories. I have read about the same stories as well.

THIS IS GETTING REAL and THEY AREN’T PLAYING GAMES! If you must go to the hospital, REFUSE ventilators for loved ones and friends. Ventilators should ONLY be used as a last resort, and even then, there is only a 14% chance of survival with a ventilator if they calibrate it properly.

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This is a plan for all of us, for everybody around the world. It has something to do with a topic called transhumanism, which is also known as Human 2.0. So, what is that I alluded to that a little bit earlier, it’s literally the melding (blend/combine) of your human organic, natural born body with artificial intelligence.

They believe when we do this that it can be fantastic for everybody. It’s a very futuristic way of becoming a human, just if you wanted to learn a new language, it will just be downloaded into your brain and voila, you know, the new language, if you wanted to know karate, it would be downloaded into your brain and voila, you would know karate,

They’re going to sell it to you like that, they’re going to sell it to you that if you have these, this artificial intelligence inside of your body that you would be able to cure your cancer, and it would find out a tumour & eradicated. That would be nice.

If you tore your tendon in your knees, these little artificial intelligence, also known called nanobots would be able to go there and fix your tendon in your knee. That would be nice as well. Right. But there’s always a price to pay for everything. What do you think that price is?

That price is once you give up that sovereignty of your human body, once you give up that access to your brain, to your memories, to your dreams, your thoughts. That is a two way communication that forever. Once that happens, there’ll be constant surveillance, constant monitoring. No, you would not have any privacy, no autonomy.

They would also, they also believe that this is the way that they can create a new world, a nicer world a world without racism, without division, because they could alter the way you behave. This sounds really crazy I know, but just know that it is already in the works as we speak.

Right now in West Africa, right this very second. These poor people are being experimented on. Who’s doing it GAVI – Bill Gates, also MasterCard, and Trust Stamp which is an artificial intelligence programme. All 3 are doing it to the poor people. So in this programme they’re giving them the COVID shots. They’re also inside the shots. It has their digital ID that’s like a bar code.

Dr Carrie Madej


Multiple Pilots Speak Out and Others Die Mid Flight – amazing compilation from DHUB SHARE- This video is IMPORTANT and POTENT. Please share this around the world. Multiple Pilot speaks and a Pilot/Doc talking about the science behind the mandates or lack of. Great watch, watch at least first 25 minutes (Pilot says how to stop this tyranny Bill on the table: HR4980),

the last 35min is a pilot/dr on Corona Virus/Vaccines/Masks and airline industry’s “optics” – He also speaks about how we all have access to Exemptions and always have. Pilot says hes been fighting vaccines his whole life with the airlines…

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