Peluang Untuk Penganggur

Haters oh Haters

Because They Don’t Like It

I have a friend, whom I like the most. She always updates positive, motivating things and makes us feel “YES, I CAN!”

But one time, we didn’t have any updates on him.

So I’m asking you why … I’m not feeling well.

And he told me .. He could reprimand some people for not updating such postings … It makes them annoyed, looks good, feels bad about the life of someone who doesn’t like him, etc … in short they don’t like it.

I’m fine .. It’s OK, so many people like your post and the most important thing I like.

But my friend is very hurt. So no more postings from her.

When people feel humiliated, their vibration drops almost to level 0, like no hope, and rather die. Like too much right, but that’s what happened.

We can do this from two angles, first of all, we have no right to hate anyone. More people who have nothing to do with us. Just to be content with their writing, not to be hated. Don’t like it, can’t stand it, UNFOLLOW. That’s something to teach. As long as they don’t do evil or encourage others to do evil, respect other people’s space pleaseee!

Second, we also have no right to want everyone to like or accept us. Even some people don’t like it … So don’t want to entertain anyone who doesn’t like us. When we try to satisfy the hearts of those who don’t like us, we are actually torturing ourselves & those we love and love.

In this life, to be happy, we have to identify 2 things we can control, and things we cannot control.

Our feelings towards others, we can control. So don’t be so mean and hateful to others.

The feelings of others towards us, we are out of control. So do not want to think, let them think of anything, as long as we do not sin, and as long as we are happy !!

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