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Healing Crisis Toxins

Healing Crisis Toxins

Healing Crisis Toxins #INTRA #HEALINGCRISIS. A healing crisis is when symptoms from diseases and toxins that are released during a detoxification process manifest themselves. Also known as “Herxheimer Reaction”, a healing crisis occurs when toxins stored in the body are released at a faster rate than can be properly eliminated.

Healing Crisis Toxins

The more toxic one’s body is, the more severe the detoxification and the more intense the reaction.

A healing crisis is characterized by a #temporary #increase in #symptoms during a cleansing or detoxification process. Such symptoms may be mild or severe, depending on the body’s original toxicity, but are definitely temporary.

They can occur immediately, within several days, or even several weeks of a cleansing program.

❗️❗️Recommended Treatment During a healing crisis❗️❗️

✔️It is important that the cleansing program be continued.

✔️Continued cleansing will help the body rid itself of released toxins and diseases forever.

❤️Following these simple steps may help to relieve some of the symptoms of the healing crisis.❤️

💁Drinking plenty of fresh water helps the body eliminate released toxins.
💁Increasing fiber intake and taking supplements to cleanse the colon and kidneys will also help to accelerate the elimination of toxins.
💁If fatigued, give the body rest Meditation can help to manage symptoms such as strong emotions and mood swings.


Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that was recognized as a cure for scurvy long before it was isolated in 1933. In recent years, it has received a great deal of public attention as a cure for the common cold. But vitamin C does much more than just prevent scurvy and colds.

For example antioxidant, it delays ageing and prevents age-related diseases from arthritis to Parkinson’s disease; alleviates allergies; and as an anti-pollutant, antihistamine, it it eliminates toxins from the body.

However, the chief function of vitamin C is the production of collagen, the structural protein that holds our bodies together. As such, it hastens the healing of wounds, prevents bleeding gums and strengthens capillaries and blood vessels, preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Collagen is also the subcutaneous ‘cement’, and facial wrinkles can be a sign of a life-long deficiency in vitamin C. Vitamin C is also a powerful booster of the immune system and is well known for its ability to increase resistance to infection and disease by increasing the production of anti-bodies and interferon, which fight microbes and viruses. Scientific studies have confirmed that megadoses of vitamin C can reduce the risk of a wide range of cancers, and also inhibit tumour development and prolong the survival of cancer patients.

In dosages of at least 1,000 mg a day, vitamin C helps to lower cholesterol by speeding its conversion to bile. Vitamin C also aids the absorption of iron, preventing anaemia and provides protection against the devastating effects of smoking and alcoholism.

Deficiency symptoms of vitamin C include susceptibility to colds, infections and allergies, easy bruising and the slow healing of wounds, inflamed gums and defective teeth, fatigue and anaemia, and nervousness, anxiety and depression. Among the best natural sources of the vitamin are fresh citrus fruits, peppers, guavas, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage papaya and kiwi. The natural vitamin C in fruits and vegetables is highly perishable as the vitamin is unstable and disintegrates, not only in cooking, but also in peeled fruits and vegetables.

The Recommended Daily Allowances of vitamin C are 60 mg for adults and 45 mg for children. However, these are ridiculously low dosages and the main effect is to prevent scurvy. For optimal benefits, doses of a few grams a day are recommended. Vitamin C tablets that contain bioflavonoids are preferable

source : Nutrients A-Z


Anyway every body get fevers, now I want to share with you 5 tips I get from internet, good for you to fight fevers. Old people say, we must drink a lot of waters. OK now, you can try this at home or your office or your jamming studio.


One of the most rapid ways to bring down a fever is to pop either acetaminophen or ibuprofen (any store brand will do). Taking two tablets every six to eight hours should be sufficient in keeping you comfy – and keeping your fever down.


As your temperature rises, your body rapidly loses fluids, mostly through sweat. To prevent dehydration, sip fluids throughout the day. Go for water, caffeine-free drinks or juices. Whatever you’re sipping, shoot for at least two liters a day. How to tell you’re adequately hydrating? A good sign is frequent bathroom breaks – at least once every two hours.


Despite the old adage suggesting you “starve a fever,” experts say eating is essential to a rapid recovery. In fact, researchers from Michigan State University recently reported that people with a fever should feast since a lower calorie consumption may weaken the body’s ability to generate the cells used to fight an infection, possibly resulting in a longer illness. The best fever-fighting foods? Vegetable soups and other simple foods like whole grains and steamed veggies. And if you just can’t bring yourself to have a bite, try sipping a nutrient- and antioxidant-packed vegetable or fruit juice.


If you’re feeling feverish, head straight to your bed – or the couch. Going to work, working out, or even trying to run errands while you have a fever may just make you feel worse as the extra action adds stress to your body. Stay put until your fever goes down and then slowly ease back into your normal routine. Can’t sleep? A warm or tepid bath (choose whatever temperature is most comfortable for you) may help you relax.


When a fever spikes and you’re feeling extra-hot, ease your sweltering skin down by placing a cool washcloth on your forehead (leave the ice packs in the freezer, since they can burn your skin). And because heavy blankets and comforters may drive up your fever even more, snuggle up in soft, light sheets instead so that its easy to fight fevers.

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