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How To Be Good Leader In Network Marketing

Who does not want to be loved, who does not want to be remembered, who does not want to be known .By the people we lead …

Loved, remembered, known . The most important and important thing if we are country or political leaders, but not the main thing if we are business leaders, especially if we’re in network marketing industry.

As a leader in the network marketing industry, what you need is a team that is inspired to be like you, to be successful like you, not a team that adores you and elevates you as the most popular leader in the world.

Believe me you don’t need that. It does not matter if our lifting team is tall, but they do not ‘lift’ themselves. It makes no sense if we are loved by the team, but they do not ‘love’ their future in the industry.

Just do our job best as an inspiring and aspiring leaders. Love your team full heartedly, insyaAllah they’ll love you back by taking action and live their passion.

I love my team. I love my team. They are the reasons why I’m doing what I’m doing.

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