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Inflammation Root Cause of Most Diseases ?

Inflammation Root Cause of Most Diseases ?

Inflammation occurs when the affected area feels hot, red and swollen including heaty body and swollen gums – symptoms where Malaysians across all cultures are most familiar with. Prolonged inflammation affects health, causing unseen injuries in your tissues, blood vessels and even your joints.

Inflammation Root Cause of Most Diseases ?

Causes of Inflammation
High consumption of sugary and fatty foods
Insufficient sleep
Prolonged stress
Side Effects
Brain Fog

A type of brain dysfunction, a brain fog occurs when your brain is inflamed, causing poor connection between brain cells, leading to:

Weak memory and low attention span
Increased risk of migraine
Increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.6
Weak Heart

Inflammation causes thickening and narrowing of your blood vessels in your heart, resulting in:

High blood pressure.
Inconsistent heartbeat
Chest congestion and pain.
Painful Joints

Due to daily wear and tear, inflammation sets in, increasing blood flow and release of immune proteins which leaked into the tissues, causing:

Joint pain.
Joint stiffness.
Joint swelling.

Inflammation Indicator

The C-Reactive Protein (CRP) reading in your blood test result determines the severity of your body’s inflammation. A reading more than 1.0mg/L indicates moderate level of inflammation and at risk of having inflammation-related diseases so prevent inflammation with omega-3 fatty acids now!

Reduce Inflammation with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Curb inflammation with omega-3 fatty acids, a proven natural antiinflammatory solution. Research has shown that consumption of omega-3 fatty acids help to:

Identify and destroy proteins which cause inflammation.
Change the nature and function of cells that cause inflammation.
Increase production of proteins that reduce inflammation.
Mind Clarity

Strengthening the connection between brain cells and at the same time support production of new brain cells, omega-3 fatty acids ensure you have:

Stronger memory and longer attention span.
Reduce frequency and severity of migraines.
Reduce risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Stronger Heart

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, ensuring healthier blood vessels so you will experience:

Healthy blood pressure.
Healthy and consistent heartbeat.
Healthy blood circulation and less occurrence of chest congestion and pain.
Flexible Joints

Omega-3 fatty acids help support production of joint lubricant, reducing joint inflammation so you can enjoy:

Lesser joint pain.
Comfortable joint movement.
Reduced occurrence of tender joints.

Get Your Full Spectrum of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish oil is essential to our health but do we know which one contains the best quality fish oil? A full spectrum of omega-3 contains not only EPA and DHA but also various types of omega-3 fatty acids such as ALA, SDA, ETA, HPA and DPA, which are found in fresh fish but hardly found in fish oil due to harsh handling and manufacturing process.

Benefits of Full Spectrum Omega-3
As Good As Fish

Although health regulatory body advises to consume at least 2-3 servings of fish per week, many people are in a dilemma as fish is often exposed to various
types of heavy metals and sea contaminants which pose health risks. By consuming full spectrum of omega-3, it provides your body with all essential fatty
acids just like the ones that exist in the fish, making the fish oil as good as fish!

Better Absorption

There are fish oils which are  structurally altered to contain only EPA and DHA. However, various researches suggested that fish oil with a full spectrum of omega-3
in its natural form has better absorption compared to those that have been structurally altered.

Enhanced Effectiveness

Researchers have found that subjects who consumed natural, full spectrum of omega-3 have a higher level of omega-3 circulating in the blood compared to those who consumed omega-3 which have been structurally altered. This study proves that consumption of full spectrum of fish oil gives you optimum effectiveness to reap the
benefits of omega-3.

Some simple indications to check our body is actually healthy or not.

1) Breath and body odor
Healthy body, does not emit a strong and rancid odor.
Either from sweat or from the mouth.
Eating a lot of food, pay attention to the sweat that comes out even the smell of mashamm play.
Those who eat a lot of vegetables, fruits or plant based diets, God willing, even if you sweat, you will not be smelly.

2) Hair quickly turns gray
Many of the young people we see have already started to whiten their hair.

3) turbid / yellow urine
Urine excreted in the body, should be clear or not bright yellow.
Try to check the white water or flavored water that enters our body every day?

4) The body has many allergies to certain foods.
If you follow, natural foods contain good nutrients that are very good for our body.
But why did someone eat it so it got a rash,
Eating this makes you dizzy and full?
Innocent food, the problem is our body.
Fix the intestines. Don’t know how? Need to study with those who know.
This thing requires a little effort and mujahadah, then there is the strength to do good deeds.

5) mood swings
Apparently it’s not just women who have emotional turmoil,
Some men are more emotional.
Sometimes he has emo losing the real pump.
This simple ‘swing’ mood is a sign that our body has an unresolved problem.

6) Brain Fog
What’s that? Have we ever suddenly forgotten something?
Once in a blue moon it’s ok again.
This is often forgotten.
That’s him brain fog.
When it comes to mothers, people talk about losing a lot of time during the delivery process, so it’s easy to forget.
I don’t know, mama wants to give birth more than 12 times, but she has a strong memory that young people lose.
Everything he remembers. Including the names of relatives, grandchildren and acquaintances. At the age of 70, the body is still healthy and free from disease. Eyes, ears are all ok. She’s ohsem.
If you do the work of this young brother, you will be quicker to compare him.

All this has a lot to do with daily life.
The diet of the ancients was a lot of plant based, organic play quotes around the house. Always play with nature (grounding), not much exposed to electronic objects.

The time of the beginning of processed food, instant and imitation is rampant, the age of tora comes again until now,
From infancy, it has been stuffed with fast food – nestum, mekdi chicken porridge and others.
Delicious viral drink food in the throat is beautiful in the eyes do not talk.
Long queues of people scrambling to buy.

Compared to stalls selling healthy drinks such as natural young coconut water.

Young coconut water is not only delicious, but it has many benefits.
The easiest detox is to drink natural coconut water without any other additives.
The best type that contains ‘sniffing’.

It is not easy to educate yourself.
Preventing it better is usually only realized when the rice has become porridge.
Basic human right. That is why there is a saying like this.

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