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Insulin – Important For Weight Loss Strategy

Want to weight loss

It’s easy. You need to be clear about the INSULIN concept. Insulin again!

Hi .. Well, this is her code. Say you want to be skinny?

In an adult individual, the blood volume is around 4-5 liters and the amount of sugar or more glucose in the blood is just one teaspoon.

If the amount exceeds one teaspoon, you can go into a coma (hyperglycemic coma) and can cause death.

This is where insulin plays a very important role in regulating blood glucose levels, neither too high nor too low.

But what’s happening now is that most of us have too much insulin but don’t work. This condition is known as Insulin Resistance (IR).

How can IR happen?

IR happens when the same situation goes on for years -> Lots of sweet foods, sweet cakes, leg-high sweet teas and super fragrant chicken rice are definitely added many times! Oops .. the one that matters, CocO Cola and Pepsi!

Insulin resistance not only causes obesity but also increases your risk of developing diabetes and complications such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

How to fix this Insulin function?

I share 5 Strengths we can use to treat ourselves

1. Intermittent Fasting – the most effective way to lower insulin levels.

2. Diet – Avoid white sugar, Sweet sugars, High GI and GL. Cinnamon, ACV and zinc help improve insulin function.

3. Stress Control – When cortisol hormone stress increases, insulin also increases.

4. Sleep – Getting to bed early, new melatonin hormone is optimal. Powerful Antioxidant tu.

5. Exercise – Make HIIT. Build muscle, insulin is more sensitive. (But you don’t have to be a bodybuilder.)

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