Peluang Untuk Penganggur

Invite Sustenance

– Some knock on the sky door by giving 40 packs of rice to the poor every morning. Routine he does.

– Some invite sustenance by kissing his mother’s hand and asking for prayer.

– Some invite sustenance, every week he comes to orphans, rubs their heads, buys something for their needs as taught by the Prophet SAW.

– Some invite sustenance, every morning out to work he regularly gives alms to anyone.

– Some invite sustenance, every Friday night he distributes food to people tidur sleeping on the street. His prayers penetrate the sky!

– Some invite sustenance, every time after the dawn prayer he does not sleep. He beristighfar 100 times and bertadarrus Al-quran until dawn, then stared at the sky directly and raised his hand. His prayers penetrated directly to his Lord.

– Some invite sustenance, every Friday the profit from the sale is 100% donated.

Sustenance from Allah SWT.
Together we invite sustenance from Him.

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