Ivermectin From India

Ivermectin From India

Ivermectin from india .10×10 ivermectin tabs from India, government aproved vendors, for 50 usd plus shipping costs with tracking numbers, payment via paypal. If you are interested send a mail at thetruthjungle@protonmail.com

Ivermectin From India

Other drugs like HCQ, azithromycin also available at the same good prices, the price range being similar. If someone is interested, you can write to us. Share to let others know.

The shipping cost is 35 usd worldwide up to 3 kg packages, with tracking codes. HCQ is 100 usd for 150 pieces. Azithromycin is 70 usd per box of 60 tablets. There is another 10 usd cost with the paypal money transfering. If you cant pay with paypal then we shall find another way

When ordering please write all of your data for the shipping and also your phone number to be contacted in case of anything. Some people asked about the name of the producers of these medicines, they are different ones from India: Himalaya, Zidus, Ipca, Hete, Healing Pharma. The distribution company registered by the Indian government is Privet Pharma

This plan was actioned in 2016/2017 by the WHO

It involves all state premiers in Australia being told that the Public Health Dept will be planning to vaccinate 95% of the Australian population, gather up all our DNA and hook us all up to a Biometric Digital ID Pass System. With all that personal data to be handed over to the WHO. It was signed off in 2018. Its set for completion in 2023.

Which means none of us will be allowed out of our homes until every single one of us has been poisoned. It’s part of the IHR agreement that was signed in 2005 that activated the “pan-corona” measures. The IHR is a Public Private Partnership deal with 196 nations that agrees to ensure that International Trade and Commerce traffic is not disrupted during a WHO declared emergency.

This is why we are locked in our homes. Its to keep us out of Mr Globalists way. Its looks like the IHR has been hijacked and corrupted by the Globalists and is why we are being driven into the ground by unlawful activity and stealth. It’s being used as a WMD using a pen.

All the people need to demand the PM ScoMo immediately withdraw from the IHR agreement and corona will cease to exist for Australia. The Corona pandemic was declared to facilitate the nations to implement their NAPHS plan – ( “National Action Plan for Health Security” ), that’s all. There is no real pandemic. It is simple treason.

YouTube to ban ALL vaccine misinformation content – not just about Covid

YouTube’s new directives indicate the video platform will take down any content deemed to spread misinformation about any vaccine officially declared effective by health authorities. Several video channels associated with high-profile anti-vaccine activists including Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr have also reportedly been taken down.

Around 130,000 Covid vaccine-skeptic videos had reportedly been removed, but many users evaded censorship by simply not specifying Covid. Scientific discussion and personal testimonies will still be permitted though.

HCQ, CDS (chlorine dioxide), ivermectin itself at home

Dear people,
Like it or not, like it or not,
This is not an option.
Would you please get me some medicine?
HCQ, CDS (chlorine dioxide), ivermectin itself at home.
Warning from Sarawak.
It apoclypse of the vaccinated peoples are happening now in this state.
One by one our people here died. Worst living in long houses.
A positive is all bad because all the majority in Sarawak have been vaccinated.
Now everywhere you go you will hear the cries of death.
And it so horrifying.
It’s obvious because their native Sarawakians live in groups like longhouses, one person dies everyone will know.
Testimonials, who took this medicine mrk mmg survive (during illness/ positive even after being vaccinated) and this is true.
– This message is intended for humanity.
One more time
Sarawak many people die and all are vaccinated. !!!
From user SARAWAK GROUP AEFI … anybody from sarawak can confirm this? Is it true?

Be Afraid of Allah

Allaah says:

“O you who believe! Be afraid of Allaah, and be with those who are true (in word and deeds).” [al-Tawbah 9:119]

Ibn Katheer (may Allaah have mercy on him) said (2/414): It means: be truthful and adhere to truthfulness, and you will be among its people and will be saved from calamity, and this will make a way out for you from your problems.

Allaah says:

“If they had been true to Allaah, it would have been better for them.”

[Muhammad 47:21]

Abdullah ibn Masood (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “You must be truthful, for truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise. A man will keep speaking the truth and striving to speak the truth until he will be recorded with Allah as a siddeeq (speaker of the truth). Beware of telling lies, for lying leads to immorality and immorality leads to Hellfire. A man will keep telling lies and striving to tell lies until he is recorded with Allah as a liar.”

[Sahih Muslim 4721]

Vaccinated Super Spreader ?

Wether it’s symptoms of 5G or a GMO flu strain, for the first time since the plandemic started I come down with something like flu symptoms I had no choice but to get tested to go to work and I tested positive, I believe the vaccinated are the super spreaders now there body’s are spike protein production factory’s that can’t be switched off, India has completely eradicated Covid in its most populated state with ivermectin, why is the western world banned from prescribing ivermectin, I got rid of mine in a few days with another alternative bug killing treatment I was very ill with something the best description of mine would be a gastric flu stomach based not head and chest, there may be no such thing as Covid but something is making us unvaccinated people sick,

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