King Faisal of Saudi

King Faisal of Saudi

The Late King Faisal of Saudi. He was the son of The first king of Saudi, Abdul Aziz as Saud. During his early life he been learning religion and able to memorize holy Quran when he was 16. He was the one who urge his father Abd Aziz to stop any relation with America due to their support of Israel. However that demand not been accepted by his very own father because during that time Saudi still “needs” america for their oil programmes.

King Faisal of Saudi

At the end of Abd Aziz era, the government was full with corruption and the royal family was getting far from Saudi Citizens. The rich became richer yet the poor became poorer.

By 1964 when king Faisal took over the crown, he started to fight for poor citizen. This act was not popular among the rich. King faisal even demolished slavery in Saudi. By using his very own pocket money, he bought thousands kids that have been slaved by the rich.

He removed 500 luxurious caddilac car that been used by government and use that money to set up grand wells programme to supply water to the poor area in that country. Thats why king Faisal was loved by all poor citizens of Saudi. On top of that, Muslims all around the world were starting to love him due to his effort and stands against Israel.

He show his support for Palestinian openly in the international conferences. He walks his talk by launching oil embargo againts western countries. America threat him by reminding him that saudi became rich because the help of America economically and the investment of their oil company. He replied firmy by saying that “take all your belongings back to your country. We are people of the desert and poor. We does not afraid of living in a desert and becoming poor again. We get used to that.”

But he had to pay high prices for stand. In 1975 we was shot at close range by his own nephew who just went back from the west.

But the legacy of king faisal is now no more.. the ruler of saudi now concerning more on attacking yaman instead of saving Palestine. They concern more on organising concert rather than feeding the poor.. Late king Faisal, till today he was the one and only Saudi King that gained respect and love from Muslim all around the world.

Dialogue between King Faisal and French President Charles De Gaulle

Mr. King, we hear that you really want to throw the isr4ael into the sea. Is that true?
Raja Faisal:
Yes, that’s right..then why?
Lord King, No one in this world can say such a thing. The existence of Isr4el now is a reality that has already happened and must be accepted!
Raja Faisal:
Mr. President, you are very strange. Didn’t Germany ever occupy the city of Paris and that is the same thing as you said earlier., “It is a reality that has already happened and must be accepted!”.
At that time the French had already lost the war and they were kneeling at the feet of the Germans. But you never gave up and finally you managed to defeat the people you call the Colonizers.
So what reality do you mean then you force us to accept it?
The Jews say that Palestine is the land of their ancestors. The graves of their Kings and Prophets are also there! That’s part of the proof.
Raja Faisal:
Again I can’t understand you. You read your book and you believe it. Don’t you read the whole content of your book?
Your own book says that the land of Palestine belonged to the Canaanite Arabs. The Jews came from Egypt by way of war. They burned the cities, killed the women and children and then they conquered the land of Palestine. The ancient state of IsR4el it stood only for 80 years ago they returned to being an exiled nation.
If you feel the need to re -create the ancient State of Isr4el, then you should also help re -establish the Roman empire that has occupied France for 3000 years!
But Lord King, what about the graves of their ancestors, the Kings and their prophets who have been there for 4000 years! How can we deny them the right to return to the Land of their ancestors?
Raja Faisal:
Mr. President, there are 150 embassies in Paris. And these Ambassadors gave birth to their children in Paris. If one day they come and ask you to come out because the graves of their ancestors are there, will you give up? Who will Paris belong to, Mr. President?
You certainly never forget that we, the Arabs once occupied the south of France for 200 years. Do you want to hand over the south of France to us just because we say the graves of our ancestors are there?
Well Mr. King, we now understand the real Palestinian problem. We will withdraw our arms aid to Isr4el. This promise is only valid as long as I am alive. And if the French after me want to help Isr4el, then I will leave their deeds.


Shah Faisal 1 (King of Iraq) moved the tomb of Jabir al-Ansari and the tomb of Huzaifah al-Yamani-both companions of Muhammad Rasulullah
In 1932/1351H Shah Faisal I (King of Iraq) dreamed of being rebuked by Huzaifah al-Yamani (a companion of the Prophet) by saying:
“O King! Take my corpse and the corpse of Jabir Al-Ansari (also one of the companions of the Prophet) from the banks of the Tigris river and then bury it back in a better place because my grave is now filled with water; Jabir’s grave is also being filled with water. ”
The same dream happened the next night but he did not care about the dream.

On the third night, Huzaifah al-Yamani was present in the dream of the Grand Mufti of Iraq. Huzaifah said in the Mufti’s dream:
“I had told the king two nights before to move my body but he did not care. Tell the king to agree to move our graves. ”
After discussing matters related to King Faisal accompanied by the Prime Minister and also the Grand Mufti of Iraq decided to move the two tombs of the Prophet’s companions on 10 Zulhijjah, 1351H.
That time was the Hajj Season. Many Hajj pilgrims in the city of Mecca have asked King Faisal I to postpone the plan until they have completed the Hajj because they also want to see the transfer process of the two companions of the Prophet. King Faisal had agreed to postpone the transfer of the two tombs to 20 Zulhijjah, 1351H.

After the noon prayers on that day, people were present in the area of ​​the two tombs of the Prophet’s companions, causing the city of Baghdad to be crowded because non -Muslims were also present.
The tomb of Huzaifah al-Yamani was opened and they found the tomb filled with water. Huzaifah’s body which was still fresh (not rotting still like a living person) was lifted very carefully and then the body was placed in a stretcher.

King Faisal, the Grand Mufti of Iraq, the Prime Minister and also King Faruq of Egypt were honored to lift the stretcher and then place the remains in a specially made glass coffin. The body of Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansari was also placed in a glass coffin with similar reverence.
The two corpses of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad are still fresh like living people. All who saw seemed to disbelieve what they had witnessed.
The shrouds of the two corpses are still intact and new as if the two companions of the Prophet who are also Muslim warriors are still alive and just lying down. Subhanallah!
The two bodies were brought and buried in a new grave not far from the grave of another companion of the Prophet, Salman al-Farsi, located in Salman Park, Baghdad about 30 miles from Baghdad City.
The incident left scientists, philosophers and doctors silent, stunned, speechless.

A German physiologist was amazed at the incident when the condition of the bodies of the two companions of the Prophet Muhammad was even buried more than 1,300 years ago (the time of the transfer of the two tombs of the companions of the Prophet was in 1932) but still fresh as a living person. He continued to meet the Mufti and held the hands of the Grand Mufti of Iraq, saying:
“What other stronger proof that Islam is true? Now I embrace Islam and please teach me about Islam. ”

In front of thousands of German doctors they embraced Islam. Seeing the incident, many other people who are Christians or Judaism (the religion of the Jews) also declared that they were Muslims at that time as well because they had seen very clear evidence in front of them. The incident was not the first and last time but many other Christians, Jews, and also other religions flocked to embrace Islam because they had witnessed or even heard of the anih and amazing incident.

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