KJ and DG Kill 32000 Malaysians ?

KJ and DG Kill 32000 Malaysians ?

KJ and DG Kill 32000 Malaysians ? *Based on the testimony of virology and immunology expert, scientist, US researcher Dr Rob Oswald in the attached video, the Malaysian Government was represented by Malaysian Health Minister YB Khairy Jamaluddin and Health Ministry Director General Tan Sri Dato ‘Seri Noor Hisham Abdullah convicted of murder under the Penal Code Malaysia, Geneva Convention (1949) and Nuremberg Code (1947), killed 32,000 thousand Malaysians (official Malaysian data in WHO, February 4, 2022 taken from the official report of the Government of Malaysia from the Ministry of Health Malaysia) as well as other previous numbers that published in the media since January, 2020 until now) for giving improper medication (experimental standard toxic covid19 vaccine) supposedly 32,000 who died allegedly positive for covid19 were given Flu-A medication and Flu-B medication; and has also been convicted of the crime of lying under the Malaysian Penal Code, lying to all Malaysians for declaring thousands of Malaysians suffering from Flu-A and Flu-B are covid19 positive patients*

Translation and Commentary by Norman Midi (February 6, 2022)

*Laboratory tests by Dr. Rob Oswald using an electron microscope on 1,500 Americans in Southern California who tested positive for covid19 (via PCR) showed that none of the samples (0% of the 1,500 patients who tested positive for covid19) were infected with covid19 or coronavirus , there are only the Flu-A virus and the Flu-B virus; Re -tests were conducted on 1,500 similar samples by 7 renowned universities in the United States including Stanford University (Serra Mall, Stanford, California; QS World Ranking No.3), Cornell University (Ithaca, New York; QS World Ranking 2020 No. .14) show the same result*

*At the same time, it is said that a total of 61,426 Malaysians are positive for covid19 after undergoing a PCR test published by WHO on February 4, 2022, taken from the official report of the Government of Malaysia from the Ministry of Health Malaysia, as well as other numbers since January, 2020 until now published in the media, is a big lie of the Malaysian Government represented by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, the Minister of Health Malaysia YB Khairy Jamaluddin, and the Director General of the Ministry of Health Malaysia Tan Sri Dato ‘Seri Noor Hisham Abdullah*

AEFI Victim #6: Michelle’s Story

“I’m not against vaccination. I’ve taken Hepatitis B, HPV and also flu vaccines. But for this covid vaccine, I really urge people to really think about it. This vaccine is still new and there isn’t much data on the side effects. If I could turn back time, I would not take the vaccine, definitely. I (only) took the vaccine because of the rules that the government implied.”

In the context of the grossly discriminatory policies being enforced on those who choose to not partake in the experimental vaccines; do you think people like Michelle had a genuine choice that is free from elements of coercion and duress, as well as informed consent, in her decision to take the C19 vaccine?

Have Malaysians been bullied and pressured to accept the experimental jabs?

AEFI Victim #5: Jo Suraya’s Story

“Let’s support each other more and really work towards getting over this pandemic and looking at the real culprits in this picture. That is what we need to do so that we’ll be able to fight the real enemy – and not each other.”

Jo Suraya, a Malaysian residing in Spain, was rushed to the hospital 48 hours after taking the 1st dose of Pfizer. She spent 22 days in the ward, including 5 days in the ICU, and is currently recovering from multiple health conditions including myocarditis.

AEFI Victim #4: Atika’s Story

“The doctors don’t have any answers” – Atika, victim’s niece.

Atika’s aunt was a diabetic patient. She took 2 doses of Sinovac 6 months ago. 3 months later her health deteriorated. She was subsequently diagnosed with leukemia by her doctors and her family was informed that she only had 3 months left to live.

She passed away one week before this recording was made. The recorded cause of death was heart attack.

All this while, we have been told that the experimental jabs are safe and effective – even for those with underlying medical conditions.

Is that really true?

If our doctors do not dare answer this question, we want an explanation from those driving the vaccine marketing initiative in our country.

mRNA Vaccine Cause Cancer ?

Are you willing to face the facts? mRNA vaccines cause cancer and autoimmune diseases!
There are solid evidence hidden from the public that mRNA vaccines cause those ailments.

I would like to emphasise that mRNA trials in mammals have led to odd cancers.
mRNA trials on mammals have led to autoimmune diseases — not right away, six, nine, 12 months later.
Scientific evidence to follow very soon here!

Share this account and my statements loud and clear as this is only the ugly truth everyone shall be aware of!

Other Countries Have Started Setting All Kobid SOPs

But Malaysia wants to amend act 342 so that kkyem can appoint more agents to do the work on their behalf.

They want their agents empowered to control people’s lives independently, relying enough on suspicion to be associated with Kobid.

These chicken stamp agents can use their powers to order isolation, confinement anywhere and for as long as they deem necessary.

What kind of stupidity is this?

Already their swab tool can positive anyone. Accuracy is disputed and now wants the budget of those who better understand how to control the virus.

They themselves are unable to prove the existence of the virus.

People were also deceived before saying that Graphene Oxide would not work, but now everything is being exposed.

We want to live better but they want the people to be locked up to be injected continuously.

They’re crazy, sir.

By applying this amendment, they can separate anyone, kill anyone they feel is necessary without being seen by family members.

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