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Kurt Cobain Influence

5th grade time, abah has been buying guitars for a long time, at that time there were also gangs hanging out playing kapok guitars. Time there is great playing the guitar, it is delicious crazy playing another song you. But most impressive is the era of Nirvana Unplugged In New York. All the songs in the concert are very impressive in the soul

First start the song about a girl, come as you are, poly, and the lake of fire cover song from the band mid puppets, and the most legendary song is the cover from David bowie the man who sold the world. Wow these days I really buy a acoustic guitar and every day I want to follow this kurt cobain quote guitar. Hahhaa thats time buy tape vhs, wow so cool bring the video to my friend house.

Times have changed and changed, abam joe’s artistic soul is more into rock blues thrash eh, in fact it’s been a long time since the blues harp blown, the budget also plays ukelele only, hahaha. But when you read about the facts above, you just know that Kurt Cobain is not left-handed, but he chose to play lefthanded. wow, this is indeed a level 6 genius.

Whatever life is a choice, want to be a rock star, want to be stressful, want to be a familyman, want to sell , think about cooking. Because all human beings are made to be the caliph of this world. If art can prosper the world, can change human beings, continue that art. But if the taste of art kills the wounded soul, well leave it.

Right now, we’re frying ukelele in front of the child.

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