Leukemia Cured With Chlorine Dioxide ?

Leukemia Cured With Chlorine Dioxide ?

Leukemia Cured With Chlorine Dioxide ? LEUKEMIA CURED WITH CHLORINE DIOXIDE TESTIMONIAL. This healing testimony was in the comments on TUA Posted on YouTube:

Leukemia Cured With Chlorine Dioxide ?

“When I first learned about Chlorine Dioxide, I was 6 years into my rare leukemia diagnosis, which the oncologist stated would kill me in 10 years. When I was first diagnosed, I did what most fearful people would do, try and find the best oncologist available. He came with the highest of recommendations. I felt some security initially, even though the “targeted” chemo drugs had such a negative effect on my body, that at one point I needed to hospitalized because it was too painful to walk. The RN stated she had never seen anyone need as much pain medication in her 20 + year career. I was only 29 years old when this happened. For the first six years I took the prescribed medication which would cost the uninsured, $7,000-$10,000 a month. The “meds” made me feel like I was dying, more than the cancer. The doctors response when I would describe how the drugs made me feel, was to inform me that I’m alive and this is “cutting edge medicine.” I was faithful to big pharma’s scheme the entire time, however I always questioned the goal of oncology. See its not to cure you, but to get you into remission. There is a limited belief system an oncologist has about healing. To be precise, they are the only modality. My oncologist told me that if I was lucky enough for the drugs to put me into “remission” that I would likely be reliant upon them for the rest of my life….however little amount of time that would be. Over those six years I became more Intune with my body. There were two occasions in years 5 and 6 where I actually felt the leukemia “come out of remission.” I scheduled an appointment with the doctor, told him how I felt, and he replied, “it’s not something you are going to feel unfortunately.” I persuaded him to run a FISH test PCR, etc. and he was wrong. It was back. Both times. After the second time I lost all faith in “oncology.” I was listening to a podcast on MMS (chlorine dioxide), it was Jim Humble being interviewed. The way he described chlorine dioxide working, and the endless testimonials of those who have overcome similar illnesses was enough. Besides, if one of the foremost experts on Leukemia, someone who helped get toxic gleevec on the market, and on the front page of Time Magazine told me I couldn’t feel what I felt, how intelligent can this person actually be. It turns out we have an entire profession of over educated, over paid, over praised numb skulls making pathetic decisions from a playbook with only one remedy: poison. The goal of oncology is to keep you alive, but still sick. Curing disease is not an oncologist’s product offering. Know more on, drug rehab Nevada


Your body DOES NOT completely recoup from chemotherapy. The damage from chemotherapy is typically irreversible. I CURED MY CANCER FOR ABOUT $40. When the two bottles arrived, I began the protocol. In two days, I felt “the feeling” (of the cancer) go completely away. I finished the protocol, and to be sure, I reran the protocol for an additional two weeks. Its been 8 years, and I am grateful for everyday. It has been an amazing healing experience, one that I owe nearly exclusively to MMS (Chlorine Dioxide.) There is a moment when you realize that you have information that could help save the world. Its very impowering. I have personally helped a stage four pancreatic cancer patient, completely recover from their illness. A life long diabetic who no longer has diabetes. Chlorine Dioxide is a true miracle. We are constantly bombarded with media claims of new “miracle meds,” none of which cure anything, instead, they focus on symptoms instead of the underlying disease, a very lucrative position. The truth is, if you are waiting for Big pharma to cure cancer, you need give that hope up. Curing cancer would actually put oncology and some of big pharmas biggest money makers out of business. I DARE YOU TO HEAL YOURSELF. Much LOVE, RGt”

Cinchona bark

When the Japanese occupied Indonesia in 1942 they cut off the rest of the world from the main supplies of Cinchona. That’s when synthetic antimalarials were developed and #chloroquine became the drug of choice. Side note: #Artemisinin is now used for Chloroquine-resistant strains. #Hydroxychloroquine is a modification of an earlier drug called #chloroquine, which in turn is a synthetic version of a natural drug derived from #Cinchonabark (quinine).

The bark of the Cinchona tree bent the curve of medical and human history. It was brought by Jesuit priests to Europe. For that reason is also called Jesuit’s bark. Hydroxychloroquine is a modification of chloroquine where a hydroxyl group (-OH) was appended to the side chain to reduce toxicity and was approved for medical use in the US in 1955.

In the years since chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine were approved in the US, we’ve learned a few things about these #antimalarialdrugs. We know now that these drugs accumulate in lysosomes and inhibit their acidification, which has subsequent effects on a range of cellular processes, including antigen presentation. We know these drugs reduce cytokine production by macrophages and inhibit toll-like receptor signaling and a variety of other immune pathways.

In a 2021 study researchers said…”In Vero cells, quinine inhibited SARS-CoV-2 infection more effectively than CQN, and H-CQN and was less toxic.” They went on to say…”Finally, we confirmed our findings in Calu-3 lung cells, expressing ACE2 and TMPRSS2 endogenously. In Calu-3, infections with high titers of SARS-CoV-2 were completely blocked by quinine.”

Study: Quinine Inhibits Infection of Human Cell Lines with SARS-CoV-2 https://www.mdpi.com/1999-4915/13/4/647/pdf

Also, TNF-α, the most important cytokine in determining the severity of COVID-19 symptoms, is inhibited by quinine.Quinine is rarely categorised as an immunomodulatory agent, but it has immunostimulant and immunosuppressant activities against viral infections. Wheb quinine effectively intensifies the production of the well-known cytokine IFN-α, it functions as an immunostimulator to inhibit viruses. Otherwise, quinine inhibits the release of TNF-α and has an immunosuppressant effect. These two different activities may have a beneficial effect on people who are infected with COVID-19.



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