Life Insurance Refuse To Pay Vaccine Related Death

Life Insurance Refuse To Pay Vaccine Related Death

Life Insurance companies in both France & Germany have refused to pay death benefits & the Supreme Courts of the lands (in France & Germany, that is) have stood by the decisions made by these Life Insurance companies.

Hence, Life Insurance companies worldwide are watching this development very closely. Should this trend persists, it will applies to all the Life Insurance companies in a city near you too, for good!

I am serious – it’s for good as it opened the eyes of many folks that the Corona virus doesn’t exist!

Here below are the reasons deliberated by the Supreme Courts to reach their respective, yet similar verdicts.


Firstly, the corona virus doesn’t even exist. This has been echoed by all the Supreme Courts in nine (9) western, developed countries such as Spain, UK, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, etc. since Y2021.

Even the CDC of China admitted to it! According to them, the virus ONLY exists in computer simulation. WTMF!!!

Secondly, the American Supreme Court has passed the verdict that the Covid vaccines are NOT vaccines but POISONS that everyone should, and MUST avoid taking into their bodies, back in January Y2022 (this year).

Thirdly, the verdicts say that it’s solely your decision to be the lab rats or Guinea Pig in the experiment & it may results in death. Life Insurance companies must not be financially-dragged into this BAD, LOUSY & IGNORANT decisions of yours! Uhuh …

Fourthly, the investigation teams of these Life Insurance companies have discovered that all the Covid deaths reported in Y2020 were fakes as the hospitals were all INCENTIVISED to report all kinda deaths from accidents, drownings, gang-fights, etc. as Covid Death in the Death Certificates.

Some hospitals even used mannequins, dummies, dolls such as Barbie Dolls, China Dolls (except Panadol) for the cameras to fake the spike in Covid admissions. Doctors & nurses were too bored in Y2020 that they sang & danced; then posted them onto TikTok.

These were the realities that happened worldwide.

Well, these are OPEN SECRETS all well-informed individuals knew. This was submitted to the Supreme Courts as yet another strong arguments against making death benefit compensations to ignorant folks who participated in this global experiments.


Well, I was pleasantly-surprised as I begin to update all my friends who are in the insurance industry & I could hear a pin drops as they’re speechless upon being informed of this development.

I just couldn’t wait to see similar verdicts playing out globally, soon.


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