LRT Down 7 Days ?

LRT Down 7 Days ?

LRT Down 7 Days ? Prasarana Malaysia Berhad today said it had to shut down 16 LRT stations along the highly trafficked Kelana Jaya line due to a malfunction detected in the automatic train control (ATC) system last Saturday.

LRT Down 7 Days ?

Its president and group chief executive officer Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah added that the malfunction had never happened before. He added that Prasarana engineers have so far been unable to diagnose the root cause of the disruptions and decided that the best course of action was to temporarily halt the train services from today until November 15 for the safety of passengers.

He also said that 73 feeder buses have been deployed to five different routes along the Kelana Jaya line to ferry commuters to their destinations as a temporary solution, and that more will be added later.

LRT down for a week, causing MASSIVE traffic jams on the roads

If I were an employer/superior with even a couple brain cells to rub together, I’d tell all my staff who can WFH to just WFH during this time.But when you think back. The covid era threatens with a very real possibility of permanent health damage or even death even if you have to enter the office, do you remember your employer being surprised by your difficulties as long as the LRT is broken

Too many problems occurred since #PakatanHarapan and #PerikatanNasional govern the country’s

with lots of money and wealth left by #BarisanNasional after #PRU14, both coalitions have failed to ensure our public transportation system running smoothly as it should be.
the inability to handle the matters are really disgraceful.

within four years we have seen how both coalitions failed to manage a very important transportation mode in the metropolitan all begins when LRT3 was canceled in 2019 by PH until the project is restored. it seems that these clowns do not know the repercussions of canceling an important thing to the public.

last year saw the tragic collision involving two trains on the Kelana Jaya route. the first incident occurred in 23-year history.let alone the complaints left by the public since 2019 of the failure to maintain the facilities in most of the stations and the changes in traveling time.

yesterday saw another LRT disruptions that needed a long term fix against the recurrence of same old problems.16 stations were shut down until November 15 as it was affected by ATC system faults. the same thing that happened in 2019 and it is getting worse.

LRT service disruption

Today, residents of the Klang Valley are facing the issue of LRT service disruption at 16 stations on the Kelana Jaya Line.And of course, this issue is in the spotlight and hotly talked about throughout the day. No cooking, 7 days

In today’s press conference broadcast by RapidKL, the operator admitted that there are components and equipment involved that have already reached their end of life.
This just touched the lifespan of the public transport service system. Not to mention defense assets.

But that’s it, the issue of defense assets is said to be PH’s toy for ages. However, this thing has been delayed many times. It’s holy.
People reprimand for good, if they reprimand to bring down, it’s even worse.
Let’s throw away that behavior that cannot be reprimanded (TABOD).

add on,
Asbab Tu la continuous development of public transport infrastructure here, the road is straight like the MRT. As time goes by, the number of users increases, the frequency increases,
I almost canceled the MRT before why noob

When the MRT1 MRT2 MRT3 circle is there, add an LRT extension like, ease the existing LRT system a bit. Crowd disperse, at least
You can’t really blame the LRT if there’s a major breakdown like this. Even how well you do the preventive maintenance.
Almost 25 years of excessive usage.
The plant also has a shutdown.

It has been used for 25 years
LRT here is major maintenance, you know, that day everyone cheered for the 3rd National with a flying car..

This LRT technical chapter is not easy to comment on, when I used to work, the days were plant problem troubleshooting, just fighting with the Electrical Section. All methods are out, Root Cause Analysis, 5 Why Analysis, FMEA, Ishikawa Chart, follow 100% OEM or consultant, all diagnoses are made, thermography, vibration analysis, acoustic emission, oil analysis.

Not so. Had to swear with the Plant Manager. Haha
Chatting is really good, it’s better to shut down 7 days, before the accident happens. Safety first


The LRT service disruption on the Kelana Jaya Line is expected to be resolved in less than seven days.Prasarana’s Chief Executive Officer, Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah said, the period is the expected maximum period set by the technical department.

However, the Selangor government will lend a total of 20 units of Smart Selangor buses starting Thursday to help RapidKL overcome the operational disruption of several light rail transit stations that were damaged on Tuesday.

What will happen to our LRT?

Our LRT system is getting worse.
Every month there must be a problem.
But this time, 7 days & 16 stations were disrupted!
Stations affected are also conversion stations.

?KL Central
? Jamek Mosque
?Art Market
?Dang Wangi

I beg the Caretaker Minister of Transport to answer!
From 45 minutes people have to spend time on the road, now it’s twice as long!
Not a day! But 7 days!

I have emphasized many times that we need a good maintenance culture.
It’s time to take it seriously!

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