Malaysia Big Lost

Malaysia Big Lost


-This week, GRAB Holding, a Malaysian subsidiary has been listed on Nasdaq with a value of US $ 40bil (RM165.16bil)! The company, originally from Segambut, ‘ran away’ from Malaysia and moved to Singapore for a more stable market. A loss for Malaysia!

-Hyundai has closed its Asia Pacific headquarters in Malaysia and moved to Indonesia with a value of US $ 1.55 billion (RM6.26 billion)! A loss for Malaysia!

-IBM has closed their Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Cyberjaya and moved to Singapore. A loss for Malaysia!

-Shell companies have relocated their IT operations center from Cyberjaya to India. A loss for Malaysia!

-Citigroup has shut down its banking center in Malaysia after six decades. Now they are moving to Singapore. A loss for Malaysia!

-The IT company from Germany, T-Systems has closed its operations in Malaysia. A loss for Malaysia!

-Toyota Motor Corp chose to invest US $ 2 billion for an EV (electric vehicles) plant in Indonesia compared to Malaysia. A loss for Malaysia!

-Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk has agreed to invest in an electric car and space launch center in Indonesia. A loss for Malaysia!

-Facebook, Lazada, Tencent, ByteDance, Ali baba, Shopee and some big names have chosen Singapore as their regional hub, leaving Malaysia far behind. A loss for Malaysia!

-Indonesia has managed to attract investment from 4 tech giants America, namely Google, Microsoft, Facebook and PayPal. A loss for Malaysia!

-Zoom Video Communications has chosen Singapore over Malaysia to build a new R&D center and data center for the Southeast Asian region. A loss for Malaysia!

-Google and Facebook have excluded Malaysia for the Apricot project, which is 12,000km of underwater internet cable due to policy issues. Other countries involved are Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, and Guam. A loss for Malaysia!

In addition, in the parliament mentioned, there are 68 for companies that have relocated business to other regional countries.

A loss for Malaysia!


Malaysia’s main mistakes are:
1) High Taxes.
2) Not protecting the rights of the company
3) Irregular system.
4) Politics that is always unstable and only selfish.
5) No encouragement, advice, assistance to small or large traders.
6) Only prioritize cronies to fill their own pockets.
7) Uncontrolled corruption starts from Ministers/ members of parliament/ assemblymen/ government officials and various other parties.
8) And various other factors.

Work without pay, God shopping go Turkey

“When we pursue the hereafter, the world will follow”. Words that to some people sound too rhetorical. Be sacred. It’s hard to believe. Some say it’s all magic verses.

How is it possible in modern times like this there are people who can live without money.

Without property.
Without a throne.
Crazy here.

That’s what people say.
But that is not what our ‘Creator’ means.

Gais, this world is too vast to be interpreted by a narrow human being. If we only look at this world it can only be bought with money.

That’s right.
Everything needs money.

When we put the money as ‘worship’ and wishful thinking. So we will live dominated by all the ‘rules’ created by the financial system.

We created a ‘system’ to work for money.
We will fight hard for the ringgit.
We are willing to sacrifice our lives for money.
We can lose religion because we don’t have money.

Not many people manage to get out of the ‘rules’ of this human system that cause us to be tied to a difficult world. That is why from the first day money was created, the term capitalist was born which separated religion and the world.

Not only secular ideology, but all kinds of modern ignorance have been successfully created only to control our minds and souls as long as we do not live in a religious system.

The Qibla of man is converted to a worldly mission.
The Hereafter is only a wishful thinking that is only judged in the form of reward and worship.

Today’s religion is just a follower. Do whatever it takes and. Heaven abides in prayer and hope. Life has no rules. God is no longer the only deity. Money is god.

It sounds rough.
But the plague is the essence of the world.

You woke up in the morning blindfolded actually what were you thinking?

Want to find money, right?
What do you want for the couple’s children to eat today?
Got to work, the boss is treating you like a god!

Our world has lost its priority.
Until the afterlife is dropped in the middle of the road.

That is what shackles us for days until we question our own sustenance, family, siblings and friends.

Each struggled to show who was more than whom. Who is rich and wealthy. Until I forget the goal of family life.

What Abang wants to share is just his personal view as a person who has been living without pay for a long time.

Walk here and there without any money on the side. Brother works. But not because I want to accumulate wealth. What else do you want to chase after rank, throne or name. The days are busy too. Not a day goes by without a job.

But Abang is happy.
Their wives and children are awake.
Eating and drinking, education and religion are preserved.

If people ask who costs?
The answer is God who spends.


Many here know that Abang is a full -time volunteer at RPWP. It has long been working without pay and endowing all property and self. Living as an asnaf to take care of orphans and study by R&D the development of morals and human civilization based on the Book and Sunnah.

When we endow whatever is at hand, it is left to religion to develop an independent system. Get out of the old notion that seeing money is everything. While the ringgit is just a tool to achieve the ideals and goals to heaven.

Colonial education taught man the pursuit of rank and wealth. They broke religion and ordered human beings to be slaves to the caste system of their creation.

Pharaoh did not have to exist as a powerful man. It is still alive as a system that to this day is able to control the whole soul as a way of life that makes us slaves.

That is religion – a way of life.
Ultimately what humans worship is the pharaonic system.

That is the system of human creation that has long reigned in the blood of our flesh. From the time we are born until it is inherited to our grandchildren.

The days of having to fight in order to get out of the human system. Riba for example. Allah will not be a king if we dare to take usury, oppose the command of Allah and His Messenger openly for what Allah forbids.

All that if studied, its history has happened in Turkey. How the Ottoman Empire fell, as a result of debt and usury that plagued the caliphate until the stronghold of religious power collapsed, finally Islam was successfully divided.

There is a reason why we chose to return to Turkey. Lots of things to dig and study here.

Look forward to the daily sharing of the earth that Attartuk once ruled. May the travel lesson this time be able to tap the minds of the people who are lethargic and sleepy.

I’m sorry if this trip looks luxurious. The rich are all from God.

Greetings overseas children,

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