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Malaysian Top Nations Late Night Sleep Countries

Malaysia is among the countries with high rates of late night sleep statistics. It’s really dangerous if you have trouble getting enough sleep.

1. Sleep is just as important as we need water, food and air.

2. We are not healthy while our sleeping routine is unhealthy. People with insufficient sleep will lose focus, make difficult decisions, and become forgetful.

3. Sleep deprivation is a leading cause of many illnesses including depression, heartburn at night, diabetes and heart disease.

4. If sleep is no longer part of the habit it will cause the person to suffer mental, irrational, paranoid and hallucinations.

5. If a teenager likes to sleep late at night (at 1am for social / gadgets) it can be the cause of the child being disciplined and having problems in the social setting)

6. Lack of sleep will reduce one’s quality of life. What kind of quality would it be if it was just 9 o’clock in the morning so heavy eyes would evaporate? The boss must be angry.

7. The immune system will be weakened, because if we do not get enough sleep the white blood cells in our body will decrease.

8. Sleep deprivation also accelerates aging because our skin and cells are only renewed when we sleep. Lack of sleep means that the “renew & repair” process is not optimal, so wrinkles are fast. OMG.

9. Depression and anti-social. People who do not sleep well are easy to laugh, have no laughs and are hard to comfort. Quickly angry and often tired. Oh my gosh.

Some people find it hard to lose their eyes, right? As he thought, glaring at his head. Alternatively, relax, do yoga, drink milk @ eat Ostematrix pills, put on aromatherapy diffusers, read, relax, study or take a warm bath before going to bed.

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