Master Cleanse Lemonade Drinks

Master Cleanse Lemonade Drinks

Master Cleanse Lemonade Drinks Day 3 of Master Cleanse!

Yes it’s just the lemonade and no other food. I hear your mighty protest! Trust me! My brain went berserk when I first discussed this with her. She was not happy

” You have low blood you know”
” This is not even able to feed a goldfish”
” What if you become so feeble you faint???”
” So much lemons – it’s way too acidic – don’t you remember you have gastric?”
” omg the maple syrup… are you nuts… isn’t that all sugar?

Let me first start by saying… most of the time… we are not hungry. Our brain is. We eat out of habit. And boredom. Truthfully.

Master Cleanse is a mono-diet. Lemon and Cayenne Pepper loosen and break up mucous and other decomposed waste in our colon. Cayenne pepper also stimulates metabolic rate thus giving you energy. Quality grade A Maple syrup also provide nutrition and benefits; and provides energy from an unprocessed sugar. So important we do not lump food into categories without understanding them in their purest form and/or how they are processed (which can ruin their original nature) High quality maple syrup is not a common sugar with profiles that hurt your body. And Lemon metabolises as alkaline instead of acidic! Surprise surprise!

This is an amazingly inexpensive and simple way to detoxify and stimulate healthy tissue growth. What you need – guys and girls – is to rein that mind that tells you you can’t.

You absolutely can do this.

The end of the Master Cleanse

Yes, I made it and no I didn’t faint LOL. Thank you for your concern though. I do appreciate you following my experience, encouraging me and holding my feet to the fire.

Of all the times I did this, this was the hardest cleanse ever. What made it so hard for me is the maple syrup.

Maple syrup is key, it is all the food you get during the #mastercleanse so if you skip this you are truly depriving your body from the fundamental nutrients it needs to function. Unfortunately this is what I did because it was so hard for me to take the syrup. The drink in and on itself is not bad, it’s just that taking it day in and day out is boring and becomes harder and harder.

At one point I literally felt my body getting weak and even sick. My tongue was almost completely white which is actually normal during the cleanse but it also tasted like when you have a flue and I was cold all the time. This is not good for the body.

So I really had to push through the last day but I am happy I did and made 10 days whew!

Breaking the fast

Since my usual diet is paleo, I broke my fast with cashew nuts instead of orange juice.

Simply said paleo comes down to eating as natural as possible. Greens, meat, fish, nuts, berries as organic as possible, stay away from processed foods, legumes and useless carbs and instead of drinking fruit juice, eat the whole fruit. Look it up. Not only does it makes sense it helped me staying off bad food.

The first nuts filled me up for a long time. It literally felt like stones falling in an empty chamber. I only had room for one mango. Everything tasted deliciously great. I was immensely thankful for food!

Day two after the cleanse I almost had a real meal: spinach with mushrooms sauteed with garlic and salt in coconut oil. Coconut oil from Suriname. Thanks Mo Dors. Good, GOOD, I tell you!

So, my stomach still feels great, my bowl movements are back to normal which is an absolute great deal. One of the things I’ve always secretly been scared about is that your intestines become dependent on the laxative tea but apparently, it’s nothing to worry about.

Now, I am about to have normal solid food again. My nut crackers are waiting for me together with tomatoes and I still have a mango left.

I don’t weigh myself but I took a picture so you can see that I did lose a few but my behind is still here!

New skill achieved.

Cooking yummy food by just smelling. (Jangeum is that you?!)

No eating.
Not even tasting.

How I wish that I can do this master cleanse alone, away from any food. But that scenario is not practical now. I am the one who prepares food at home and I usually cook. I don’t like cooking much but I love to eat yummy food thus I always make sure that I prepare delicious meals for myself and my family.

So here I am, on Day 3 of my master cleanse and going strong.

I still struggle with food though. I am tempted all the time to eat. Especially when I’m preparing the food for my family. But I am now more resolved that I will finish this because it made me do what I have never done before.

Thank You God for the courage and strength to push through.

Day 10 of Master Cleanse Detox program.
Taking four days to prepare the body and for sure the stomach on how to replenish from this type of break.

But I did it and doing it well!

There are Naysayers about everything. For me it’s my means for working through some personal matters. Some consider this for losing weight fast. Yeah this happens with the process but it is not for everyone so prepare your self with knowledge before you start this. Stanley Borough actually wrote the book “The Master Cleanse Diet” at any Barnes and Noble or search through google for a free version.

1. Mental challenge
2. Naturally Eliminating mucous hidden in the body
3. Tapping further into my spiritual sectors unblocking all blockages through the receptors

My goal one day is 40 days of no food! My longest fast has been 21 days of no food. I am pretty close!!!

Do you know the importance of fasting?
1day… 3days… 7days… 14DAYS…. 21days…. 40days..:

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